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Guidelines for Posts and Comments

Thanks so much for participating in Jewelry Making Journal!

Here are a few simple principles for participating here:

Guidelines for posts and questions

Guidelines for comments

Guidelines for Posts and Questions:

  • Any content you submit to Jewelry Making Journal must be your own original work, and may not violate anyone else’s copyright.
  • Search engines frown on duplicate content (it can have a negative impact on your ranking and ours) – so please do not submit duplicate blog posts, item descriptions from your website / online store, etc. However, we’d still love to have you share those great ideas here on JMJ if you “shake them up” and re-word them first! 🙂
  • Content must be of interest to the handmade jewelry community.
  • On each submission you may include 2 links to your jewelry website, blog, online storefront.
  • Content must be “family friendly” and non-offensive.
  • Please submit text of a minimum of 75 words (about 5 sentences) – up to a maximum of 500 words.
  • You can include up to 4 images per submission. Images should be as clear and sharp as you can make them, and each distinctly different. (Only one collaged image.)  Images can include your business watermark, but no additional text on the images.
  • Jewelry Making Journal is a place for sharing, show-and-tell, discussions, and exposure – but not selling or promoting your products or services.
  • Your post cannot ask people to visit your website, shop, blog, or social media. When readers find your post and photos interesting, they will naturally visit your links that are at the end of your post, without being asked.
  • Jewelry Making Journal cannot publish posts or comments requesting reviews or consulting on your online shop, social media, booths or displays, websites, contracts, or pricing/business strategies. Consulting is beyond the scope of what we do at Jewelry Making Journal.
  • All submissions are moderated before publishing, and may be edited for spelling, grammar, format, title optimization, search engine optimization, or to remove excessive links.
  • Submissions asking about product sourcing, or giving info about a jewelry maker’s product or resource must be submitted to the “Supplies & Resources” category. Please keep all brand discussions honest and professional. No brand bashing. No promoting your own product or affiliated products.
  • Jewelry Making Journal cannot publish posts requesting reviews of third party products or services.
  • A few days after you submit your post or question, you’ll receive an email message from us, notifying you that your post is live!
  • Jewelry Making Journal reserves the right to refuse any content that doesn’t follow these guidelines, or that doesn’t fit the publishing goals of this website.
  • Submit your post or question here on Jewelry Making Journal.

Guidelines for Comments:

  • On each comment you can use the “Website” field of the comment form to include a link to your jewelry website, blog, or online storefront.  Additional links within the comment will be removed.
  • All comments must be “family friendly” and non-offensive.
  • All comments are moderated before publishing, and may be edited for spelling, grammar, format, or to remove excessive links or promotions.
  • Please keep comments on topic.
  • The comments are a place for sharing and discussions  – but not selling or promoting.
  • For your protection, please don’t include your email address in the main body of your comment.  Internet spam-bots can pick it up from there, and start sending a ton of unwanted spam to your email box!

Thanks for Participating in Jewelry Making Journal!