Greeting Card Sour Cream Box

by Noreen Doll.

Greeting Card Sour Cream Boxes

Greeting Card Sour Cream Box

A greeting card sour cream box, fourth in a series of gift box ideas for jewelry, is easy to create. The first three free gift box templates may be found here.

Fold a strip under on the front side of the card and glue or tape it to the back side on the long edge.

Fasten the bottom edge with tape, brads or eyelets, and do a half turn of the tube before closing it at the top. This gives it its unusual shape.

See the complete tutorial for crafting the greeting card sour cream box.

The top can be tied shut with ribbon or twine, and your business card could be attached to the ribbon.

Or you could slide your business card inside when you add your jewelry piece.

These boxes can lay flat until you are ready to use them, and thus be easy to store.

Use the envelopes from your greeting cards to make these fun and easy envelope gift bags.

Noreen Doll
Make Homemade Gifts


Cheap & Cheerful
by: Chula Camp

I make many recycled paper projects for my paper finery and jewelry.

This recycled project is different, fun and adorable! …AND so green!

I love projects that make your dollar holler.

Great job, thanks for sharing.

Noble Jewels
San Francisco

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