Greeting Card Pillow Box Template

by Noreen.

Different Sizes of Greeting Card Pillow Boxes

Everyday Greeting Card Pillow Boxes

Simple Folds & Cuts to Make a Greeting Card Pillow Box

Greeting Card Pillow Box Template:

Another small gift box that can be made from a greeting card is a pillow box. (See Gift Box Patterns for the first one.)

Create an easy pillow box template with your first card, and then use it to make as many more gift boxes as you like.

A greeting card pillow box can be stored flat until the ends are folded down, so you can make several to have handy until you’re ready to use them.

Your customers will love having a variety of small gift boxes to choose from when they purchase jewelry from you.

Here’s a way to offer them seasonal gift boxes very inexpensively!

You can also have stickers with your business information made to hold the end flaps down, although they will stay folded without them.

Don’t forget to save your envelopes to make envelope gift bags.

Noreen Doll


Another great idea
by: Sally V

These are wonderful! I’m thinking they could also be made from regular card stock, which comes in various colors. A person might even be able to figure out how to print their logo and other information on the card stock in just the right place before constructing the box. Can’t wait to try this! Thank you.

Pillow Box
by: Julie

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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