Great Tips I Learned

by Lee-Lee.
(Virginia, USA)

Lampwork cuff link

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted everyone to know how I enjoyed reading all of the success stories. It is nice to know how your jewelry changed your lives.

I started my jewelry business back in 2006. I didn’t really start to work hard at it until recently.

In December I had a child and wasn’t able to return to work. That’s when I made up in my mind to stop being afraid to fail and just go for it.

Everyday I try to network with at least 3 people and tell them about my business. Since my business in primarily an e-commerce, this is a very important task.

One day I came across this website and instantly I fell in love! I could not believe the amount of great tips and tricks that are being offered here and it is all for free. This site is a great asset to me and my business.

I follow many of the teachings here and because of this site I have learned a lot.

One example is the survey that asks customers what they are looking for when buying jewelry online. I tried to get that same information myself but could not get enough respondents. I came to this site and wow here is the information I needed.

I mainly just wanted to say thanks to all ya’ll for the help you provide. From your inspirations I can see myself making it one day too.

Thank you,

Inspired 4 U


Cool Cufflinks!
by: Rena

Hi Lee-Lee,

Thank you so much for your kind compliments on this site! I’m so glad you’re finding it helpful!

I love your cufflinks – not many jewelry artists make them, the pair you’ve shown above could be worn by either a man or woman. What a great accessory.

Your “3 a day” networking plan is a good idea – it’s a do-able number without being overwhelming.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us – and I’ll look forward to hearing more of your successes in the future!


just encouragement….
by: Nancy B

Hi – I agree with Rena’s comments and just wanted to wish you well with your endeavors. It’s hard to keep on truckin’ sometimes when there’s no ‘cheer leading’ going on. However, if you believe in yourself, enjoy what you’re doing and sell enough to keep buying more supplies, you can call yourself a success… and eventually you’ll get those big sales which will make it all worth while. (smile)
Hang in there and don’t be afraid to experiment along the way and stretch your abilities.
Nancy B

keep it going lee!
by: nupur

Dear lee,
now that you have a business and a new baby, you are the mother of two! there is sweat tears and many hours of hard work, but you will enjoy the journey and every morning you will have to wake up with determination to make it work.
Ultimately, even one smile from your baby, should make you forget all the discouraging part and give you new energy to take on the task of grooming and making them grow.
I was also a new mom not too long ago, and it does take effort to balance everything but if you enjoy it, its worth it!
all the best in your journey!
we are all there for you!

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