Grandpa’s Keys

by Dianne Haselfeld.
(Prescott, Arizona USA)

My grandfather was a locksmith. One day my son and I were going through his tool box and I found some old keys that he had used in his work. I decided to make keepsake necklaces for family members.

DHaselfeld: Grandpa's Keys 1

The first one was for my cousin. She has a bold, outgoing personality and I made her necklace to match. The chain is handmade from 16 gauge steel wire and I added the cross because she is a lay minister.

DHaselfeld: Grandpa's Keys 2

The next necklace was for my cousin’s daughter. She is an outdoors person with two children and also a veterinarian. I used earth colors and a “tree of life” charm to reflect her lifestyle.

DHaselfeld: Grandpa's Keys 3

Next in line was my granddaughter who likes simple, elegant jewelry. Her necklace reflects her tastes and I made it even more personal by making a charm representing her favorite pit bull dog “Asylum”.

DHaselfeld: Grandpa's Keys 4

Last was one for myself. I used life mementos including a volleyball medal and skate charm, two of my favorite sports, charms engraved with my son and daughter’s names, my graduation pin from nurses training, and “Born to Shop” and “I Love My Dog” charms, which tells you a lot about me!

I love rescuing bits of history, giving them a new life, and bringing joy to others in the process. This was a labor of love.

Dianne Haselfeld
Memory Designs by Dianne

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