Grandma’s Earring

by Joan Williams.

Vintage clip earring transformed into a necklace

Vintage clip earring transformed into a necklace

I was lucky to inherit many wonderful things from my grandmother, including her jewelry box. By the time it came to me it contained mostly bits of costume jewelry like this green glass clip earring.

I closed the clip on some antiqued brass chain, added some wire to keep it secure and strung a few matching crystals to make this necklace.

Joan Williams
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New life for an old earring
by: Rena

Fantastic idea for repurposing a wonderful old earring.

The components you’ve put with it suit it perfectly!

Thanks for posting this lovely photo and sharing your neat idea for giving inherited jewels a new life.

by: Linda’s jewelry and more

man that green necklace looks nice–and that desert bracelet is Awesome !!

response to comments
by: Joan

Thanks so much!

by: Knightsparkle

Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

Grandma’s Earring
by: Tricia – Bead Booty

What a beautiful necklace, Joan. You are very creative!

Reply to comments
by: Joan

Thanks so much to all of you!

Grandma’s Earring
by: Anonymous

What a lovely vintage necklace you created.

Reminds me that I’m redoing a necklace that belonged to my mother that I admired so much growing up and still do now that she’s no longer with with me. She invited me to look at all her jewelry and claim whatever pieces I wanted. I wish I were done with it so I could post a picture. Thank you.

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  • Rachel says:

    Repurposing beautiful clip-ons has perplexed me for some time. I would appreciate your help in explaining how you secured the closed earring with wire. Often there is nothing to connect the closure to on the back or side of the earring. Removing the clip’s flap leaves a piece with two holes, but they stick out towards the wearer’s clothes, often with sharp edges. Lastly the open part of the back closure causes the clip on to flop over. Can anyone tell me details on how to overcome these issues when wiring to secure the earring. I have seen where a top stone is removed so that a hole can be made to pass through to create a bail.
    The only other alternative is to clip off the entire back closure and glue it to a backing filagree or other supporting back or glue/soldering a ring or such to create a bail. By the way, how does one glue to a filagree without the glue going through and all over the back of the filagree.
    I think that I must have failed kindergarten glueing 101. It never works out for me. By the time I have made a small puddle, closed the glue cap and put some on a toothpick, the e-6000 crystallizes and becomes a gluey lump on the back of the piece. I tried the paper clip/pin/bobby pin suggestions, but for the holes on the tiny E6000 are too small and the pins rust and get stuck inside the glue. I refuse to buy the big tubes anymore because it usually dries out on me. And if you put the fine attachment t on it, you have no way of sealing it. I have also tried Gem Tac and the one that lapidary stores sell. They don’t hold the item. My next try will be epoxy glue or epoxy sculpt. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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