Glenda’s Jewellery

by Glenda Snailham.

Jewelry by Glenda Snailham  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

This is my first time posting my jewellery. l have just started making jewellery.

I’m 64, retired lady and I have trouble with my hands and used to do cross stitch but can’t hold the needle for long so began a new craft.

l love being able to make things I found this site and it’s helped me no end with ideas so thank you and hope this works.

Glenda Snailham
Glenda’s Jewellery

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  • Welcome, Glenda! It’s lovely to have you here making jewelry with us. I especially like the unusual components you show in your jewelry here – the pendant on the cord necklace and the teardrop with a window in it especially. I’m sorry to hear about not being able to do cross-stitch, and I hope jewelry is as fulfilling for you as your needlework was. One of the things I love so much about making jewelry is that there are so many different kinds of materials and design possibilities – and I’m happy to hear you’re finding so much inspiration here! Hope to see more of your work later. 🙂

  • Fluffy says:

    Hello Glenda, I’m English too! It’s a pity to have to give up a well loved hobby like cross stitch, but you seem to have found a really good outlet for your creativity in jewellery making. I like the originality of your jewellery and particularly admire the heart pendant and the necklace and matching earrings set. The large crescent shaped pendant is most striking also, what is it made of, please?

  • Glenda says:

    Hi, My husband has recently retired and we are now complimenting each other by making jewellery together. He makes all his jewellery from wood using all the diverse timbers available selecting the best grains and colours and creating all sorts of jewellery. I then select the appropriate findings and additional adornments to make the item desirable. The crescent shaped pendant was a waste piece of tree branch my husband cut off and was discarding, after he was persuaded to clean and sand it it turned out to be a very popular pendant and was subsequently sold at the last xmas fair. The heart was made from Yew and is a very attractive and workable timber which my husband tends to use a lot. He has made numerous other items of jewellery to which I am trying to select the best findings to enhance his work.

  • mary says:

    Hi Glenda, I’ve been making jewellery for a couple of months now, and am so enjoying it. I’m hoping to get good enough to sell my “creations”, and I think I’m a quick learner. Your jewellery looks great. And whats more, I’m a brit in her sixties , living here in New Orleans. However, unlike your hubby, my hubby has zero interest in the art though. Bless him!!!

  • Glenda says:

    Hi Mary sorry your hubby doesn’t join you in your hobby we are having a weekend away in November it’s our 40th wedding anniversary we are going to a lady who teaches different crafts I’m having a go at enamelling and my hubby is making a ring lovely to chat only just found your note so forgive me my lateness in answering you wishing you all the best.

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