Glass Tile Issue

by Random.
(Ohio, USA)

I recently┬ápurchased┬ásome thick glass tiles that I want to use for various projects, but some of them have slight chips and rough cut edges……

Is there a tool I can use to grind the edges and chips so they are smooth or will I have to use heat….. Any tips?



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  • Jennifer says:

    find a stained glass supply store and get a grinding stone for buffing the edges of glass by hand. You can use it wet or dry, works great!

  • If the chips or rough edges are deep, then you’ll need a grinder with a diamond bit. Whenever working with glass, you have to use water so the tool does not overheat or wear off too fast. If the edges are just sharp, than a Carborundum Stone may work. Again, wet the stone while using it.

    The stone is the least expensive, only a few dollars, but not very effective against chips. A grinder is probably what you need, since you have chips in the glass. Grinders vary in price so you would have to price around. Diamond bits aren’t cheap either; and a diamond bit is what you need for working with glass. Don’t know if Dremel has diamond bits, something to check into if you have a Dremel or similar tool.

    A wet saw with diamond blade may also work, depending on the size of the glass. If it’s small pieces of glass, it will be harder to work with. Check Harbor Freight; they usually have inexpensive tools. I bought my wet saw from them for $50.

    I use the stone after I fuse glass, if the edges are just a bit sharp. I use my glass grinder for shaping or removing chips. Keep in mind that if you grind the glass a lot, the edge may no longer be “smooth as glass” but have a sanded feel/look to it.

  • Ann Nolen says:

    I used to do stained glass… Plenty of tool help there. Check your local store or online for choices. Hand and power tools available.
    Another thought if the basic shape is flat, is to fill gaps with resin which can be tinted to match or left clear. 2 part resin can be found at Michels and most craft stores, or Tap Plastics if they are in your area. Search You Tube for videos on how to use.

  • Besides using the tools that Linda mentioned I also use a Dremel with a green grinding bit for smaller areas that are not easily accessed. This can get into areas or work on a piece that can’t be moved to a grinder and gives you a little more control.

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