Glamorized Business Card Holders

by Mary Leslie.
(Michigan USA)


I became ill several years ago and could no longer work. I taught myself how to make jewelry. So many people were already making it that I found it hard to sell.

I had tons of people asking me to fix their broken jewelry. I taught myself how to repair vintage jewelry by reading books and gathering information online. I now have a set of customers that I do repairs for that sell regularly on eBay and have booths in a local antique mall. I shop for pieces for my repairs at tag sales and auctions and even sell some of my own refurbished pieces on eBay. I purchase boxes of broken jewelry for repairs and use some for my business card holders.

I use different color business card holders and jazz them up a bit. I usually like to use vintage jewelry pieces that are missing a pin back or some other part. I try to put pieces together that seem like they belong together then I glue them on the card holders. Sometimes I have to use cutters to remove backs, etc. It is a wonderful way to still be able to use a once disregarded beauty.

Mary Leslie


Great idea
by: Leigh

Great idea to use vintage pieces and combine to make practical items to expand your market. I use mu business card holder of notepads by the phone and on the dresser for extra buttons, pins and such.

Pretty Business card Holders
by: Kate

Lovely idea Mary, I love innovation.

Great idea
by: Ana

This is a great idea. Wonderfull to have on your desk with business cards or to use on trade shows. Love it.

by: The Glass Chef

Very imaginative, resouceful, and original!

Beautiful Business Card Holder
by: Tracy

I just love what you’ve done with your business card holder! All the colors and shapes have that lovely eclectic vintage feel. I can see how such a piece would attract customers. Best of luck!

The Tote Trove

by: Eleanor Parr-DiLeo

Very beautiful and bring more eye candy to your display.

Thanks for sharing.

Eleanor Parr-DiLeo

Great Idea!!
by: Renae Milburn

this gives my a idea, in marketing my jewerly, that I can sell and get rid of.
Thanks, for tht tip.

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