Giving and Receiving

by Tracy May.
(Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada)

I have been doing juried artisan shows for 4 years now. I stumbled upon what has become a sort of sales technique, but one I would continue to do even if it did not generate sales because it is so much fun for me and gives such pleasure to others.

At a show held in a village where there were plenty of children, not much to do,and evidently no money to do anything anyway, I had girls visiting and revisiting my booth all day.

Sales were okay, but not great, and I had alot of inexpensive earrings that I wasn’t crazy about, so I started giving them away.

The girls were thrilled and I felt pretty happy myself and had alot less to pack up. Additionally, some of the girls did have some money and several purchased bracelets or more earrings.

Since then, I have noticed that when I give things to children or adults, they frequently make a purchase or they seek me out at other venues.

I think the key to this is to do it out of the goodness of your heart and have no expectations rather than giving for the purpose of enticing customers.

Tracy May
Whimsy Jewellery Design


by: Janine G.

That is so sweet that you give them free earrings. Sometimes you just know it will make people happy, especially kids. I sometimes give a bracelet or two, or even key rings if I can tell that the child is being good but has no $$. They deserve a little perk once in a while. I hope your good karma comes back to you. Good luck.

I do the same thing…
by: Amber

When I’m at a craft sale/fair I have a bowl of stretchy bracelets for $1- when little girls come by I ask them if they would like to pick out a special bracelet for themselves. This is a great sales technique and spreads happiness and kindness!

Two birds with one stone
by: JanMarie

I keep a great big basket of kids beaded bracelets, which I also sell for $1.00 to adults-they like them, too. Whenever a Mom comes in with a child, I wait for the Mom to be preoccupied, and then when the child disturbs Mom’s concentration, I quietly bring them over to the basket and dump it out on the floor or a table and say “If you can find the prettiest bracelet in this whole basket, you can have it!” It usually keeps the child occupied so Mom can shop, and I always give one of the bracelets to every child who comes in. Moms always appreciate it. It works at shows, too. Kids love digging through all the bracelets in the basket!

Giving is fun
by: Lois

I agree and I have been doing the same type of thing for a number of years. It all started with some glass pebbles I had on the tables at my very first show. I had kids in the shop all day entranced with them. Mom’s looked at the jewelry and the kids looked at the glass. I gave a couple of the kids their choice and they walked off thrilled. Later I was working on a wrapped piece when young sisters walked in and were watching me wrap a stone. I told them they could have their choice of the glass pebbles and one asked if it could be wrapped. Sure, why not. So I did a hippy wrap on the glass for her and her sister in copper. Then so they could wear them I made quick neck wires with a hook. The girls were thrilled.

I never used the glass pebbles again because my husband didn’t like them and thought they took away from the jewelry but I still wanted to have something to make for “cute” kids that came into the shop when I have the time. I came up with a quick little copper ring I can make in about 5 minutes while they wait. It’s fun for me and the kids love watching their ring being made and walking out with their own piece of jewelry. Sometimes Mom buys and sometimes not but that’s not why I do it. It does however, make an impression on anyone around and I can definitely attribute sales, repeat business and customers looking me up later to the fun little rings I do in copper for the kids.

Win, Win, Win. The kids get a cute ring, the Moms shop in peace for a few minutes and I get a great feeling from hanging out with little ones for a few minutes.


Polished stones
by: Joy Husted

I put a basket of stones that I polish on the front corner of my table. It always draws children to looking for pretty stones. They love it when I tell them they can have one. It serves to keep the children from putting sticky fingers on my jewelry and lets their parents look at jewelry without having to watch them constantly.

Giving for the sake of giving
by: Mermaid’s Purse

These are all very sweet ideas. You ladies are to be commended. Living by the beach I utilize natural treasures found on the shore like moonstone, shells and sea dollars. Every one enjoys handling and sorting through these goodies. Something in most of us….we’re just so tactile.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon

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