Gift Box Patterns

by Noreen.

Men’s Gift Box Patterns

Holiday Gift Box Patterns

A few weeks ago I shared some ideas for turning envelopes into gift bags.

Now I have some ideas for making gift boxes with greeting or note cards, so if you have greeting card sets you can use everything.

A triangle gift box requires only a few scores and folds to complete it. It is held together by ribbon or twine tied through holes punched in the top.

If your business card doesn’t fit on the front of the triangle box, you can punch a hole in one corner and tie it to the ribbon or twine holding the box shut.

Because you don’t tape or glue them, you can score a bunch of cards ahead of time and store them flat until you need one.

You can also precut your ribbon, twine or yarn, and stiffen one end with glue for ease in threading it through the holes.

See the full Gift Box Patterns tutorial to make the nifty triangular boxes shown here.

Even though you use regular gift packaging during the year, it’s nice to be able to offer your customers special gift wrapping at the holiday season.

So be sure to check just before or after the holiday season for big discounts on holiday cards.

Try some of these fun ideas for packaging your jewelry products and impress your customers.

Noreen Doll
Make Homemade Gifts


Pretty boxes
by: Elaine

What a pretty and unique way to box up jewelry orders. Thankyou for this idea.

by: Angie S

These are so cute and different! Thanks for sharing your idea!

Gift Box Patterns
by: Linda

Cute idea. Thank you for the great tutorial.

Thanks bunches!
by: Kimberly Martinez

Thanks again for another great idea. I bet one could find cards from all the holidays. Valentines cards would be great for the romantic gift. I bet heavier scrapbook paper would work. Oh so many patterns to be found there. Adding a couple larger hole beads to the ribbon ends would be a nice touch too.

I tried the pattern
by: Francesca


It’s been a while since I responded but I just had to chime in on this one.

I tried making the gift boxes only I made mine from wallpaper sample book pages. So instead of a gift box I have a gift bag.

I still get the triangle shape and the patterns on the papers give me a great variety. I can then apply an address label to the front of the gift box bag with all my contact information.

Sorry I don’t have a picture to share but they really turned out great. I’ve made a few and all I have to do is refold them and tie them with a ribbon and they are ready to go.

I couldn’t stop once I got started.

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