Gift Box Packaging

by Noreen Doll.

Gift Box Packaging from Greeting Cards

This greeting card lidded box is fifth in a series of free gift box templates that are easy to make from a new or recycled card.

The box only needs one card as you use the front of the card for the box top, and the back of the card for the box bottom.

Festive boxes from last year’s Christmas cards!

Make a few cuts and scores, glue or tape the end flaps, and it’s finished. Find the complete tutorial for this gift box packaging here.

You can stamp or attach your business card to the inside of the lid, where it will be seen when the box is opened.

You can vary the size of the box by changing the depth, so you can accommodate different sizes and shapes of jewelry.

You can make boxes for all seasons of the year with seasonal greeting cards.

And to use the greeting card envelopes, check out these fun and easy envelope gift bags.

Noreen Doll
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