Getting People Excited About Your Jewelry (Video)

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena
Video Episode 34

by Rena Klingenberg.

Go deep down and find what really makes you enthusiastic about your jewelry art – and then express it! Here are some enthusiastic words from other artists to get you started.

Transcript of This Video:

Enthusiasm is contagious.

I love to read blog posts and product descriptions from artists of all kinds of media, who are enthusiastic about what they’re doing.

In fact, I often find myself getting excited about their work because I’m getting swept up in their enthusiasm as they talk about it!

I have several phrases I’ve gathered from artists who are really enthusiastic about what they’re doing.

Listen to their words, and see how their words make you feel about their art:

“I was delighted to discover…”

“I was thrilled when…”

“What a find!”

“This stone is one of my favorites because…”

“These were collected at the beautiful…”

“I just fell in love with…”

“What a treasure!”

“I’m so excited about these!”

“I was so fortunate that…”

“I had these really nice…”

“This ended up as a beautiful…”

“Makes you want to pick it up and hold it!”

“Tumbling gave it a lovely shine.”

“I couldn’t wait to use these!”

“I just learned an exciting new…”

These artists we just heard from are genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

And whether their words are written or spoken, the visitor can’t help but be infused by the same excitement the artist is feeling.

I’ve visited artists’ booths at various shows where the artist is so excited about their work that their hands are gesturing, their eyes are sparkling, and their words are just enthralling everybody who’s visiting their booth.

I would love it if you could share with us below what really makes you excited – what really gives you the spark – about your jewelry art.

And think about how that might be something you can share with the visitors to your website, or your booth, or wherever you sell your work.

Thanks so much for joining me today! I’ll see you soon.

Getting People Excited About Your Jewelry, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

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Industrial Jewelry Tutorials by Rena Klingenberg

Earrings: From my Industrial Double Hoop Earrings tutorial.

Pendant: From my Mixed Metal Industrial Pendant tutorial.


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  • Feeling passionate about my work is so easy using eco-friendly precious metal clay! I watch my students form and work with their little pile of “clay” and I know they are wondering how this will ever become a piece of fine silver jewelry. The best and most rewarding part of the experience is when the fired silver comes out of the kiln, it still has a white/grey look, and I hand them a burnishing brush and VOILA — the silver glistens right before their eyes! It’s that ah-ha moment that still captures my imagination every day in my studio.

  • What gets me going are the stones and the tools. I am very fortunate that the tools I use the most are handed-down treasures, like my great-grandfather’s anvil and my father-in-law’s cross peen hammer that my husband gracefully lets me “borrow” (keep!). Everyday I have generations of people I love supporting what I love to do. I love stones – their colors and patterns, the lore associated with them – they all tell a story. And I love a good story! And what I especially love is that something I made with my hands – someone else loved enough to either buy it for themselves because it makes they feel beautiful and special or they buy it to give to someone they love. I work have to make every piece special and lovely but also durable and wearable. I want everything I make to be worn and cherished for generations to come.

  • I am excited that I’m a third generation glass artist! I’ve taken what I’ve learned about color and design to a small, more intimate, encounter! I love working with my fused dichroic glass and also have used tumbled recycled glass from our studio or from beverage bottles saved for me from some of our local restaurants. It’s soo gratifying to hear peoples reactions to the diversity of my work..and its mostly glass with a bit of wire! “What kind of stones are these?” “They are glass and I made them”

  • suzanne applegate says:

    I am thrilled that I discovered only a year ago that I am a polymer clay artist! I have owned and operated a jewelry, apparel & accessories store for 3 the past years. This week I am opening a larger brand new store on Route 9 in Pine Beach, New Jersey where I will be selling fashions and also starting polymer clay jewelry classes for all of the local ladies and hopefully their daughters so that they may shop, drink coffee and take clay classes at my store. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  • Nan says:

    I get excited when upscaling jewelry pieces from other jewelry pieces and when I have drilled the hole in the stone or shell to create a jewelry piece from something that was not intended for jewelry. I can’t wait to see how the piece will look in both of these instances!

  • Brandy-Michelle says:

    This has quickly become a passion for me and I love and enjoy spending hours on pieces because I get so lost in what I’m doing, it is truly a labor of love because it really doesn’t feel like work, it’s like play for me. I can’t wait til I can do this full time instead of having to wait for my days off to work on anything. My new favorite technique is wire wrapping and creating different shapes and designs onto beads.

  • Patricia Schlottman says:

    What gets me excited is learning new techniques and putting them into practice. There is nothing that thrills me more than to see the finished product after I make a piece utilizing the skills that I have just learned. I began jewelry making two years ago and I love what I am doing. I am 60 years old and my only regret is that I didn’t find my passion earlier. I When began making jewelry I was teaching myself as I went and that was frustrating as I wasn’t sure I was “doing it right”. Through a lot of trial and error I have been able to make some beautiful pieces which I sell at Arts and Crafts Shows. I am very eager to learn as much as I can and put it into practice. I started taking workshops to learn new techniques and these only enhance my passion for this wonderful craft.

  • Steph says:

    Rena, wow-wee! Once again, you have taken the mystery and intimidation out of marketing for us!! Thank you!
    I am sooo excited about the new skills I have learned, the new tools and supplies I have acquired, but most of all, I am so excited to Debut my new designs with them!!!
    Just last week, I had my first “live” jury, in which I wanted to tell all about the new creations they were looking at, but I was afraid I would sound novice or foolish. Thank you for making me see otherwise! I am going to follow-up with a thank you, in which I don’t squelch my excitement!! 🙂

  • I’ve often said that creating a necklace is like putting a puzzle together. I’ve rarely strung all the same bead. Mixing colors and textures is what brings a piece to life for me. My cluster sets take the most time, but I just love the way a little bit of this and a little bit of that turn out.

  • I always get excited when learning new techniques or a new skill. I forget time and space then, even forget to eat or drink.
    Also when an order of beads, wire or findings arrive, it make me feel like a kid in a candy store.
    Some pieces make me so proud that after creating a new piece I can’t wait to share it.

  • Me too, Carina! I get so absorbed in creating with new supplies that literally hours go by – but it feels like minutes. I know what you mean about forgetting to eat, drink, and everything else! 🙂

  • Rosa says:

    Amazing stones that just beg to be seen or seem to have a life of their own. I have the same reaction when I find something in the trash or on the street. There is something about the discarded and or lost… it’s a current theme in my work.

    I recently came across a large shoebox of stone beads, silver wire cuttings and silver beads that I picked up for a few dollars that turned out to be loaded. The man that had it deals Arizona turquoise and I ended up with a couple hindered 3 mm sleeping beauty beads… not to mention the other delights…

    And they were just what I was looking for. Natural untreated American stones became a nightmare to find… so this is just heartstopping… And all at a price that I don’t mind passing on to others. These babies need some love. They have been lonely for a while. They need a chance to really shine in the world.

  • Carol Burton says:

    I love learning new techniques and trying them out. Sometimes, it takes me several tries to get it right. But, then I feel successful when I finally make the piece look good. I love seeing semi precious stones at a gem show, and seeing the possibilities of what I can do with those stones. Jewelry making is my special love!

  • JBH says:

    I love learning new techniques and them putting them into action. The final product really sends me into orbit when it comes out better than I expected. Jewelry making products are rare here on the island, so when I get my packages from the states I am like a little kid in a candy factory. I have the most fun meeting the tourist at Carnival and festival times. They also find it interesting that I am an American once I open my mouth and have ‘no accent’. That seems to strike up a conversation and a sale…….love it!

  • Jean, I can imagine what a treat it is to get a package of jewelry supply treasures! Then the fun is running the beads and other supplies through your hands as you start having design ideas.

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