Gemstone Briolette Drink Markers

by Angie Simonsen.
(Bellevue, Nebraska USA)


A friend and avid wine drinker was getting married soon, and I decided the perfect gift would be a set of drink markers.

Rather than find a set of charms, I decided I wanted to make a set that was completely unique and inspired by my love for gemstones.

These are the result!

This set features Carnelian, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Aqua Chalcedony.

Thanks for looking!

Angie Simonsen
Weirdly Wired Jewelry


A lovely gift
by: Rena

The gems feel more elegant than charms would – very nice for wine.

Also I love your use of chain instead of hoops – a wonderful touch!

I’m sure this thoughtful gift will be treasured by the couple who receive it.

Thank you Rena!
by: Angie S

The drink markers were VERY well received by my friend and her new husband! Now I need to make a set for myself!

by: Patricia C Vener

I like these better than charms too. Very elegant and perfect wedding gift!

Love ’em!
by: Michelle Buettner

I love these! These are so fun yet classy and definitely a great alternative to normal wine glass charms! Beautiful! May I steel you idea and make some for myself?? 🙂

by: Angie S

Thanks Patricia! They really liked the uniqueness of them!

Hi Michelle – thank you! I’d be honored if you wanted to make some for yourself! You use lots of brio’s in your work so I’m sure you have some laying around!

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