Gems2Go Jewelry That is Not Going!

by Adilah.
(Jefferson, Georgia, USA)

I have been creating handcrafted jewelry for several years and have sold a piece very now and again. However, during this time I also bought some beautiful pieces from a store that decided to close.

Now I have a closet of beautiful jewelry and despite spending monies at trade shows, bike shows, car shows and boat shows, I seem to lose more than I gain.

I am now unemployed and need to get rid of some of my stuff but have no idea how are where to begin. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



selling off inventory
by: Val

If you are looking to sell off your inventory, eBay may be the best place to start. You can easily reach shoppers all around the world there. Best of luck!

Hopefully helpful
by: Dianne

I am sorry to hear about your difficulties Adilah. It is tempting in hard times to sell off inventory just to get the materials back or to “get rid of” pieces that we have had on hand for a while.
I have to tell you that a big boon to my marketing success came when I stopped considering my creations “stuff”, even just in my own mind. My sister, who is a successful artist in another medium, had a fit every time I would call my jewelry and hats “stuff”. She pointed out that if I think of it that way it comes through when I am trying to sell somehow. She was right! She gave me the exercise of finding the most stunning or unusual part in each piece and focusing on that, even if it was a piece that I personally did not care for a lot! The beauty in any art form or medium is truly in the eye of the beholder. What we think of our work comes through. Even in my own mind I try not think of my work as stuff anymore.
One of the things you might want to consider is refurbishing some of those older pieces. I have some that I did long ago and some of them made me laugh at myself. I took them apart and made delightful new pieces out of them bringing new life to my inventory and my spirit.
Hold a party at home, no fees. Do you go to church? If so, talk to the women there about having a sale and giving them a percentage for their charities. Do you have an Etsy shop? Facebook? Is there anywhere on the internet you sell your creations? If so, it is a great time for a sale, just don’t sell yourself short. Check out Rena’s past newsletters about writing descriptions, which can make the difference and think of each piece in those terms. Rather than reduce your prices, offer a percentage to a charity. Have you tried your local jewelry stores? After going through marketing nightmares I walked into one in town one day several years ago thinking “this is it, if she won’t buy it then I quit”! Not only did she buy a lot that day, I have been making jewelry for her store ever since to the tune of $500-$1200 a month (wholesale)which is a really good reason not to sell yourself short! I wish you the very best in this difficult time, and hope things turn around for you soon!

Believe in your work
by: Lina

Hello Adilah, i have to agree with Diane about thinking of your pieces and creations with a high regard. If you don’t how will you be able to explain to the customer how good it is. Someone told me once that they could sell a piece of jewellery I made for $200.00 , when all I thought i could get was about $75.00. I still have that piece as it is in my own personal collection, but every time I wear I am reminded that I need to value my creative talent. Ever since I have changed my thinking I have sold a few pieces for more than I would have orignally thought. So be positive and if you put your passion and heart into it , it will show when you are serving the customers and they will like that.

hope this helps.

Selling Your Creations
by: Rose

Hi There,

I have been making jewelry for 4 years and I sell a lot at Christmas craft shows and senior homes but I must add that my prices are very reasonable. Most of my stuff sells for $5.00 to $20.

When i have it priced slightly higher, it doesn’t seem to sell.

I have had to ask myself what is better,
Keeping the inventory and not selling it or pricing it to sell.

The economy is not at its best and people don’t have the money but they are looking for bargains as we all do.

I don’t sell at a loss but I do make a small profit which is better than none. this way I clear my inventory and I can make new items that sell. You may want to have special sales like bracelets in a basket with a sign that says: 2 for $15 or 2 for $20 depending on your costs.

Good luck and stay positive, if it is nice jewellery, it will sell. Ask your friends and family for honest feedback: Is your jewellery attractive? Is it priced right? Is it appealing to different age groups?

Hope this helps.

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