Gem & Mineral Show Success!

by Zoraida.
(Patchogue, New York, USA)

I attended the 2 day Gem & Mineral Show – 3 days if you count the set up the day before. Six trips back and forth, 40 miles each time. The temperature was in the 90’s. This is the show where I was asked to be a wire wrapper on call as well as sell my own jewelry.

My table at the start. I added a little more jewelry and another lamp.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve never wrapped on call so this was particularly challenging for me.

I was lucky. There were other “wrappers” in the show. Most of them used gold filled or sterling wire which most people prefer. As I used copper wire, I was only approached twice. The first one was easy and went well.

A custom order from a customer at the show using her own beads.

By the time the second person approached me, I was extremely busy with other customers. My table was surrounded by about 10 people trying on jewelry, asking questions, making purchases. I literally could not complete that wrapping request. I made several attempts but, that tiny, smooth, irregular piece of Aventurine that kept slipping out of my hands whenever I looked up to speak to a customer.

Another custom order to match the bracelet a customer purchased

I finally approached a friend and fellow wire wrapper begging her to wrap this tiny rock and offered to pay whatever she wanted. She was not very busy at that moment and graciously accommodated me. It was easy for her to wrap this slippery little stone. She specialized in wrapping.

When my customer returned, I told her I had to give this project to another jewelry artist as I had been inundated with customers and did not want to do a less than perfect wrap for her.

I charged her very, very little (guilt, I suppose) She was happy with her expertly wrapped little rock and I was greatly relieved … Whew!

The few stones and beads I had a moment to buy.

I sold half of my inventory at this show and still have orders to fill.

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