Fused Dichroic Palm Pendant

by Roxanne Coffelt.
(Indiana USA)

Fused dichroic palm pendant

Fused dichroic palm pendant

I have been wanting to etch dichroic glass for years, but couldn’t find any good stencils!

I tried a technique using rubber stamps but didn’t have much luck. Now I am cutting my own stencils using my computer.

I etch the dichroic coating off the glass before fusing it so the color underneath shows through.

Then I fuse the glass at almost 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The glass has to cool very slowly so it anneals properly. If it isn’t properly annealed it might break later.

I love Asian and tropical designs.

This particular pendant has a sterling jump ring fused into the glass.

Roxanne Coffelt
Shanghai Tai
Shanghai Tai on etsy


Cool and unique
by: Rena

Your technique results in really great designs, Roxanne!

I love seeing how you play off the image against the revealed pattern of the dichroic glass. Gorgeous!

by: Becky

Roxanne: Lovely design, and I love your inventiveness. I checked out your site and you have some beautiful things.

Nice work
by: Delia Stone

Lovely Roxanne!

Palm pendent
by: Lynne Cirillo

I live in Florida, so I love the palm tree design. I also tried the etching using my dremel with a tiny diamond bit.
Check out some of my designs and get inspired on my facebook page@ Lynne Cirillo Creations. I also checked out your Etsy, love your use of copper punch outs inside you glass too, very creative!

jump ring
by: jenny

Can you tell me how you fused your jump ring into the glass and what kind of metal did you use. My email is freshfromscratch@hotmail.com.

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  • cheryl says:

    Hello Roxanne,
    I’m just getting into fusing jewelry. I have been playing around with using stencils on my glass. I’m having a hard time getting the stencil to look right. Right now I use a jewelry kiln. Do you know on what setting and how long it should be in the kiln for? I would welcome your thoughts.
    Thank you

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