Fun with Spoons

by Patricia.

Now you have a nice high polished and shiny spoon bowl ID bracelet...

This is a two parter, the first part is a simple spoon ring, the second part is spoon bowl ID braceletI

know it’s simple to sit here and make a spoon ring, but what do you do with the bowl of the spoon once you cut it off the handle, most would just throw it away..not me.

I took it one step further and made an ID bracelet…

First you get your spoons and cut off the handle from the bowl

then you take and heat the handle and wrap it around a ring mandrel, I used my husbands torque bit since I do not have the mandrel

let cool, polish and there you have the old time favorite spoon ring.. here is the twist..take the bowl of the spoon

heat it up, and flatten it, you can use a hammer, but I used my husbands 12 ton press...

then I took and grinded it down on my husbands grinder until I got the shape I wanted, then you sand it, and sand it, and sand it, until you get it as smooth as you want it, then I wet sanded it until the beautiful bright polish shine is there..

then I took and drilled the holes, added the chain with jumprings, and the clasp,now you can inscribe on it what ever you choose

Now you have a nice high polished and shiny spoon bowl ID bracelet...


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  • Gretchen says:

    I love this! What a great way to repurpose an antique spoon and get two piece of jewelry out of it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Rosalind N says:

    That’s a cool project! Just wondering, does this work on any metal spoon or should I only be using a silver / brass spoon?

  • Elayne says:

    What kind of torch would I need? What is the price range and is it easy to self-teach? Thanks!

  • Colleen says:

    LOVE IT. Love working with metals, you just added to the fun. Did you heat the metal with a blow torch? I haven’t heated any metals yet.

  • Patricia Gossett says:

    Hey guy’s, this is very simple and easy..I just used my husbands propane torch, don’t know the price as he already had it..actually he has 3.. I haven’t used any copper spoons on this project but great for stainless steel or sterling silver spoons…

  • Janis says:

    Hi, Rena! You’ve been in my feed for a long time now, and I like what you write. I’ve been making jewelry for over 10 years and selling for 3. I actually started making jewelry by bending spoon rings. With a rubber mallet & some elbow grease, you don’t even need the torch!

    But I’m a little surprised- no safety information? You didn’t really torch this on your placemat, did you? Use your head, folks, is all I’m saying… 🙂

  • Janis says:

    Sorry- Hi Patricia! 🙂

  • Silver says:

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for your sharing of your creativity and knowledge. Kindness should never be taken for granted. We should never confuse invited and entitled. Again, thanks alot Rena for the ” invite” into your creative mind. Can’t wait to try this , was looking for new ideas for the “spoon bowls”. Waste not, want not 😉 Blessed Be

  • Patricia says:

    First I want to say thanks for all of your comments, and second I used the torch to heat the spoon bowl before putting it in the 2 1/2 ton press to flatten it. This makes the metal in the spoon bowl more pliable for flattening, cause without it you get a bad dip in the center. I should have made that fact known when I posted this. Sorry, but I have been in school and haven’t been on in a while. ENJOY!!!!

  • fireboy says:

    Hello Patricia,
    Good job!

    A suggestion or two:

    Flattening the bowl for those without a press:
    – Use a bench metal vise, with (like new) vice jaw protectors guards. (Note: the
    guards have to fit the vise you are using) These guards are need to protect your
    bowl metal from the jaws of the vice. Almost all bench metal vise jaws will
    destroy the bowl to where it cannot be used if use without the guards.

    – Use a helper to operate the torch or the vice, but stress the need to watch
    for metal cracking around the edges of the bowl while flattening down the bowl
    using the vice.

    – Without heating the vise, you can try heating the bowl with the torch while
    applying pressure with the vise. But, the bowl should be anneal first, see

    – Flattening the bowl runs the risk of cracking the metal unless it is dead
    soft. So, the metal needs to be annealed. I suggestion it be annealed two times
    just to make sure.

    My method to anneal the spoon bowl would be to place it on a piece of metal
    plate 2″ to 3″ square approximately, can be larger or smaller. Larger is better.
    A metal plate thats at least 5/16″ to 1/4″ thick.

    Heat the metal plate until it is very hot, “before”, “before” placing the spoon
    bowl on the heated plate. Then heat the spoon bowl to red hot color.

    Have someone turn out the lights at this step so you can see the actual metal
    color. Actual heated metal colors cannot be determined in day light or under
    lighting, it should be very dark in the room to see the colors properly.

    Leave the spoon bowl to cool down to room temperature until the metal plate is
    completely cooled, do not rush this step. Cooling very slowly is what makes it
    soft. Do this two time and it should be soft enough, able to flatten without
    cracking. If you see a crack forming while flattening, stop! Anneal it a third
    time using a second metal plate similar to the first plate, but this second one
    is placed over the top of the bowl, then reheat the spoon bowl between the
    plates this time to red hot again.

    The bracelet can be re-harden after the inscribing or engraving is complete and
    before the chain is attached if you think it needs to be harden. To re-harden,
    heat bracelet to red hot color and dropped in a gallon bucket of cold tap water.
    You wont need to heat the metal plate this time because you only want to heat
    the bracelet. It will probably require one last polishing after re-harding it.

    Two reasons to re-harden the bracelet: it bends easily and easy to scratch the
    surface. Re-hardening will help prevent these two problems.

    Just my two cents, speaking from a life time of metal works.

    I will say this though, I have been looking how to do spoon rings for some time
    now, and you are only the second person our over many websites that did
    something with the spoon bowl! So, thank you for sharing with us nubees!

    Caution when heating metal. Wear safety goggles and leather gloves. Place the
    metal plate or bowl on a fire brick to heat up. Have a fire extinguisher close
    by in case of fire.

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