Fun with Spoons

by Patricia.

Now you have a nice high polished and shiny spoon bowl ID bracelet...

This is a two parter, the first part is a simple spoon ring, the second part is spoon bowl ID braceletI

know it’s simple to sit here and make a spoon ring, but what do you do with the bowl of the spoon once you cut it off the handle, most would just throw it away..not me.

I took it one step further and made an ID bracelet…

First you get your spoons and cut off the handle from the bowl

then you take and heat the handle and wrap it around a ring mandrel, I used my husbands torque bit since I do not have the mandrel

let cool, polish and there you have the old time favorite spoon ring.. here is the twist..take the bowl of the spoon

heat it up, and flatten it, you can use a hammer, but I used my husbands 12 ton press...

then I took and grinded it down on my husbands grinder until I got the shape I wanted, then you sand it, and sand it, and sand it, until you get it as smooth as you want it, then I wet sanded it until the beautiful bright polish shine is there..

then I took and drilled the holes, added the chain with jumprings, and the clasp,now you can inscribe on it what ever you choose

Now you have a nice high polished and shiny spoon bowl ID bracelet...


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