Fun with Fire

by Lynda Carson.
(Spring Valley, California USA)

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It’s always a joy to learn something new ( or get a second chance to relearn something), especially when it comes to jewelry. Yesterday, I retook a class in soldering with sterling silver. I’d taken one about two years ago, but was too nervous to pick up the torch at home.

Visions of singed eyebrows or worse, burning down the kitchen. However, after recently using my micro butane torch to heat patina copper pieces, I decided I was brave enough to try soldering again. So, these earrings are the product of yesterday’s class and I give Kristi of The Bouncing Bead grateful thanks for her teaching and encouragement.

She even offered to show us how to use a tumbler to harden and shine the jewelry. Now, I really want to add a tumbler to my home workshop. Love what a mere 10 minutes did for the earrings. These are made with 18 gauge wire, forged and textured after soldering, with handmade ear wires. Still need to practice, practice on getting the ends nice and tight for a solid join. But, I ready to go to work!

Lynda Carson
Fresh Baked Designs


Very cool
by: Angela Robison

Wow, that is so cool! Soldering and metalsmithing is one area of jewelry that I haven’t tried yet, but would love to… There’s just so much u can do with it!! Very nice earrings!

You will get hooked!
by: Lisa at Wild Gift Designs

I love metalwork. I started out with copper to play with my designs. You do not want to render your silver into little balls or muck when first learning when to pull the torch away. Learning to see the signs is the most important. You can of course learn the melting temp of each metal, but without a thermometer that is useless.

There are so many things you can do with your new skill.

I see you have the knack as those earrings are reallly nice.

I need to devote more time to this, just need to quit my day job. 🙂

Have fun!

Really Nice
by: Dorothy Hubbard

I am like you about the touch, took classes and watched all kinds of videos.But I feel it coming, I pick up just yesterday some butane, so it on.
Love Your earrings!!!

Thanks for the comments
by: Lynda

Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I just picked up some copper solder and am anxious to try this metal as well.

Getting the butane is a great start! It felt so good to try something new and see the results. Best wishes!

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