Fun, Funky and a Bit Rustic

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, CA)

A friend called me one day and said she had some over-sized copper colored staples from the bottom of a large packing box. She wondered if I could use them for jewelry.

I had them around for several weeks with no idea how to use them.

Then one day while I was organizing some beads I re-discovered a string of handmade recycled glass beads from Africa.

How would the staples and beads look together?

How would I hang the staples?

The beads are heavy so what should I string them on?

I flattened the staples and cut them in varying lengths.

Then I made a loop on one end and strung them with the glass beads on Greek leather.

The resulting necklace was quite a conversation piece.

Everyone was amazed that the metal parts were oversize staples that had been flattened and trimmed.

(See what Nancy did next with staples in More Jewelry Made with Staples.)

Nancy Vaughan


funky rustic and clever
by: Kate

Well that was really one out of the ‘box’
A very pleasing necklace. I don’t use these types of materials myself, but I aplaud your creativity. A lovely piece of work.

Brilliant vision
by: Rena

What an absolutely brilliant trash-to-treasure idea, Nancy! I don’t think it would ever occur to me to use giant staples for jewelry – but your necklace is fantastic!

I also love the contrasting colors of the staples and recycled glass. The whole project – and the result – are fabulous.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

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