Full-Time RV’er Doing Jewelry Shows – Tax Requirements in Different States?

by Lavern Gandy.
(On the road)

Full-Time RV’er Doing Jewelry Shows – Tax Requirements in Different States? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Definition: An RV is a vehicle that combines transportation and living quarters for travel, recreation or camping.

I am becoming a full time RV’er and I make jewelry.

I have federal tax number. So, am I to understand that to go state to state selling my jewelry at fairs, each state requires something different?

Lavern Gandy

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  • Kim Gyuricsko says:

    Yes you will need to check out the requirements in each place you sell. Notice I said each place, as cities and counties vary in each state. We full timed for 10 years. I will tell you to keep Excellent records for each sale. There are plenty of folks who travel to different states to sell their crafts, so you can do it too. Check with your tax professional.

  • Catherine Franz says:

    Some shows have agents looking for out of staters who aren’t reporting their sales taxes to that jurisdiction. They can take your jewelry and hold it until a hearing is is.

    Unfortunately, Kim is right. And it is a pain in the ass(ets). Pun intended.

  • Rose Peterson says:

    I recommend the Square program. It comes with the free swiped or small fee for chipped swiped, but the wonderful thing is the software you down load from their website of you have a cell signal or wifi you can automatically set up the tax rate by city county and zip code. It is will add I automatically to your sale and keep a running ledger of how much was collected and where it goes to. Additionally you can set up inventory and a store on the same site. Free or very low cost. That way if someone wants a repeat sale or to contact you for a purchase they passed by while you were in their area you have a system in place.
    Finally they are very fast to deposit sales into your bank account and are very inexpensive way to make card sales considering All the software and support you receive. ItS also very easy to use.

  • Natasha Burger says:

    Square is looking more and more appealing

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