Front Clasp Necklace

by Paulette Bertrand.
(New Richmond, Wisconsin USA)


My name is Paulette Bertrand and I design jewelry that is easy to put on. It started because my mother loved to wear jewelry but many things were too hard for her to close as she grew older. I started making jewelry that used magnets or decorative clasps that I could incorporate into a front closing design.

This necklace is made with a copper front clasp as the feature. The large beads are handmade ceramic Kazuri beads made by a women’s cooperative in Kenya, the small pink beads are acai seeds from the rainforest, and the spacers are copper colored freshwater pearls, wooden discs, and copper beads. I sell at small craft fairs and the front clasps are a hit with everyone.

Paulette Bertrand
Play Fair Chic at Etsy


I like the front clasp too
by: Leigh

I like how you worked the clasp into the front of the necklace adding to the charm of it.

front claps
by: Kate

Paulette I agree with you about the front clasp. I have made sone of these. I went to your site, you have a lovely array of colourful pieces that all look very tempting.

by: Paulette

Thank you fur the comments.I love designing pieces,and I like hearing about other jewelry techniques

clasp in front
by: Pauline

I love this! I’ve tried only a few times to make necklaces that do up at the front but the problem I find is getting the ‘balance’ right. Soon as the necklace sits off centre then the pendant/clasp looks loose.

I may yet try again because I have found many elderly woman having problems with clasps. I now avoid lobster clasps and the like. Actually, even I have problems with them!

by: Paulette

The dangles help keep this one hanging straight.I like doing asymetrical and no one can tell if it’s off.

what do you call it
by: here today beadworks

I have had good sucess with front/magnetic clasps for those who are clasp challenged, but have not found a good way of calling attention to the “easy on clasp” feature that is not either misunderstood or rude? ie “arthritis special” is rude

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