From Empty Nest to Jewelry Studio

by Iris Gang.

Rena, I’m new to your Mini-Tips email and I read it with interest each time it comes. I’m also new to jewelry making, but it didn’t take too long to realize that I was cramped for workspace. Since I am an empty-nester, there was an unused bedroom that looked inviting, but I still wanted to keep it neat but functional.

Fortunately I have a husband who is very handy, creative and open to suggestion. There are two closets in this room. I emptied half of one and told my husband my idea and he went to work. He built a table inside one with room for storage below it. He then installed levels of wood strips on the wall above it with hooks to hang strands of beads.

The closet rod which remained, adapted well to shower curtain hooks to hang bags of loose beads from and made it easy to slide them from one side to the other with lots of room to add more. The finishing touch were two battery operated lights added to the underside of the closet shelf. The shelf also affords more storage.

I have a bakers rack in the room close to the closet which gives me another small space to work on with shelves above and below for more storage and room in front for a chair which is accessible to both work surfaces.

When I’m done for the day, I can just close the closet door and the room looks neat again. Hope this idea might be helpful to others who lack space but still want to enjoy the art of jewelry making.

Iris Gang

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  • Hi Iris, I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the Jewelry Mini-Tips!

    What a great way to turn an unused space into an efficient jewelry studio! I like your ideas for using the closet space – especially using shower curtain hooks to hang beads from the closet rod. Genius!

    Also really nice to have doors you can easily close over part of the space, to make the room look tidy quickly.

    Kudos to your hubby for supporting your interests and using his talent and creativity to help build your lovely new workspace!

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas for turning an empty nest into a jewelry nest! 🙂

  • Janet says:

    This is a wonderful idea!! I’ve been thinking of ideas for how I can use a small area of our family room as my jewelry studio. A baker’s rack that is open below (so there’s space for a chair) will provide a perfect work surface.

    The shelves will be fabulous for storing supplies. It never occurred to me to consider a baker’s rack! Your converted closet is also very clever, indeed. I’ll ditto Rena’s sentiment regarding your husband, who eagerly brought your vision to life!

  • Iris Gang says:

    I was happily surprised to see an article that I submitted some time ago about the bedroom conversion of a closet into a jewelry work area. I hope it’s been helpful to others in need of more space. To update that article we have taken this conversion a step further. The closet was a double closet with two sliding doors (although originally we only converted one half of it) Now both doors were removed and pegboards were installed around the entire perimeter of the interior from the table top to the bottom of the existing shelf. Removable hooks are used to hang strands of beads. The doors were replaced with folding accordian style doors from our local home improvement store. The doors fold snugly when open to expose the entire work area. Now I have twice the space and when I’m done for the day, I just close them and the room looks tidy again.

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