From Ballet to Bangles

by Salima.

Hello all,

My name is Salima and I would like to offer this brief biography to properly describe my background.

My interest in jewelry making has been on and off, for many years.

When I was a much younger girl living in Kyrgyzstan and traveling through the former Soviet Union with my parents, I used to make whimsical jewelry creations out of almost everything I could find. The colorful telephone cables wires where my favorite.

I would then pretend to sell my craft as a merchant of fine jewelry in my very own make-believe boutique.

Now in my “serious” adult life I still have the passion for jewelery making but my professional life has taken me elsewhere.

I graduated from the Ballet Academy at 18 years of age and have toured China, Central Asia and Europe as a professional dancer for more than 10 years.

All the while jewelry making has been a passionate hobby for me but I never considered it to be a serious vocation until recently.

Around the year 2009, a very good friend of mine encouraged me to revive my jewelry making skills with a bit more seriousness.

It was shortly thereafter that I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. I have since decided to fully embrace jewelry making as my lifestyle, my sole ambition and my occupation.

It was also after my diagnosis that I became interested in the many ancient beliefs surrounding the beneficial properties of crystals, semi precious and precious gem stones.

I am self taught and have learned quite a few things through my travels, independent studies, visiting museums and collecting volumes of well produced publications on the craft and history of the science of gemology and the art of jewelry making.

Most of my inspirations seem to be drawn from the macramé and knotting techniques that I have researched while living in the various provinces and among the many ancient minority cultures of Mainland China and Central Asia.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my creations.

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Interesting Story!
by: Lisa

What an interesting story, thank you for sharing it with us. I love to hear how others came to start their hobbies and businesses. The bracelet has beautiful styling. I hope that today you are cancer free!

Ballet to Bangles
by: Dora

Enjoyed your article. Such a very interesting life.. God bless and keep you safe from the cancer 🙂 I love the bracelet you posted. I have a question..I have been looking for years for instructions on the double pull , adjusting knot. What is is called and maybe if you can tell me how to find the instructions..Thank You

Thank you
by: Salima

Hi Lisa and Dora,

Thank you for your wonderful comments and nice wishes.
Just had my yearly mammogram and thank God I am cancer free :))

Dora, If I understood you correctly the knot you are looking for is called “Chinese sliding knot” or “Triple connection knot”.
Here are some sites with the instructions you may find helpful.

Please let me know if it is the right one :))
Best regards.


Sliding knot
by: Dora

Thank you ,Salima

these aren’t what I was trying to describe. but they should work..Thank you again.. 🙂

I’m so very glad your cancer free. My sister-in-law had both breast removed in 2005 she was 40, and she also is cancer free, the bad thing is it runs in her family and she prays there will be a cure found before he daughter has it.

God bless you !! hugs, Dora

To Dora
by: Anonymous

Hi Dora ,

You are more then welcome.
Sorry if it was not the right knot. Now I am very curious about the knot in question.
Can you tell something about your intended application for this double pull knot?
Maybe we can find it together? :))

These days it seems that every one I know knows some one who has been touched in some way by the “Big C”.
I have compassion and empathy for your sister’s situation.
I also pray everyday for the cure.
My best regards to your sister.

Stay in touch regarding the mystery knot!.
God bless you and yours.

ballet to bangles
by: Dora

Hi, thank you for the well wishes for my sister. I took pics of the knot, My asian girlfriend gave me the jade bracelet/ I posted the pics here on this link of the knot.

Have a great week, Dora

to Dora
by: Salima

Hi Dora ,
I am so sorry but I can not access this page from China.
Please send it to when you have time.
You too have a good day.

Ballet to Bangles
by: Dora

Hi Salima,

I just sent you an email with pics of the knot.

Thank You, Dora

From Ballet to Bangles
by: Rena


I’m so glad to hear you’ve recovered your health.

And what an interesting transition you’ve had, from ballet to jewelry! Thank you for sharing your fascinating story.

To Rena
by: Salima

Hi Rena !

Thank you very much for your nice comments.

Once again I would like to thank you for creating such a friendly and informative virtual world
for all the artist and jewelry makers around the world.
Bravo !!!!!!!!

All the best.


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by: aryan

Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

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