Free Form Peyote

by Dianne Culbertson-Jacques.
(Windsor, Vermont USA)

Free Form Peyote

Free Form Peyote

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I love lampwork beads and often buy orphan beads from lampwork artisans on Etsy. I decided that free-form peyote bracelets was a great way to use up those beads and let my left brain take over for while.

I keep a little baggie on my work table and if I have a gem or pearl or two left from a strand I toss them in there. There always seem to be some stray seed beads after I finish a piece that have escaped and I have a tin on my table I toss those in rather than dragging the tubes out and trying to figure out where they go.

With free form I begin with 3 rows of even count peyote in the same size bead. It keeps everything from there on nice and ?even? making it easier to add the clasp later. After that I stop thinking and just go adding whatever I want wherever it fits.

I find this to be great therapy if I get designers block too.

So if you have some single beads you are not quite sure what to do with or you sit with your stash and can?t quite seem to put a design together give this a try!

Dianne Culbertson-Jacques


Great idea for the strays
by: Leigh

I like them all, and what a great way to use those strays or unused pieces. Thanks for sharing the idea.

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