Frame Up

by Lynda Carson.
(Spring Valley, California USA)


I’ve had these briolette beads for quite along time. Wrapping briolettes the traditional way is not something I’m super confident with. Using them in this unique way seemed inspired to me somehow.


The 18 gauge silver plated wire frames are open and elegant with the addition of one faceted bead. I usually use the silver plated wire to work out a design first before going on to sterling silver. This one has the same ‘feel’ and forging ability as sterling.

The two beads on the elongated frames are inexpensive faceted glass and the smaller ones are very pale blue Chalcedony. Lots of movement, swing, and catching the light with these.

Linda Carson
Fresh Baked Designs


Briolette frame earrings
by: Rena

These are such a cool and different way to work with briolettes! I love the open, airy framework – and the different shapes you’ve used for it.

This looks like a great way to have long earrings without unnecessary weight. They’re like a lovely trapeze for beads!

I always enjoy seeing your explorations, Lynda! Thank you for sharing.

Clever and pretty!
by: Quotentials

I do not bead, but can see how I can use your clever idea to enhance my fused dichroic earrings. Thank you!

Wire Gauges
by: Linda Landig

These very very cool! What gauges of wire did you use for the frame and the wire wrapping?

Linda Landig Jewelry

Wire gauges
by: Lynda

Hi, Linda,
I used 18 gauge silver plated wire for the frame and 26 for the wrapping. The 18 forged very nicely for this work.

If you haven’t worked with wire much, here’s a tip that works for me when trying to make two matching pieces like earrings. I cut two pieces of wire exactly the same length. Here I think I used 3 1/2 inches each. I then curled up the ends of both pieces of wire. Finally, I place both pieces of wire together over a small mandrel with their ends lined up and bent them down together to get the the curved middle (or horse shoe) at exactly the same place in the frame. Does this make sense?
The last step was lightly hammering them for strength and definition.
Hope you give it a try sometime.

Necessity is the mother . . .
by: Margaret Joy

These are lovely, Lynda! Thanks for sharing! Sometimes, not feeling confident about doing things the traditional way forces us to think creatively and we actually come up with something even better. Good work!

by: Stacey

That particular cut was not my favorite before, but I really like the look stone and wire look you created. It’s very fresh and unique!

Love it!
by: Colleen

Love this look! I am just getting into wire working and am loving it. Thanks for the tips and new ideas.

by: Barbara Herndon

LOVE these! They’re just delicious looking! Thanks for sharing.

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