Following Trends: Tassels and Duster Earrings?

by Pamella Bowen.

Following Trends:  Tassels and Duster Earrings?   - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Last summer, in an effort to get a jump on the new trends, I went online.

I found that tassels were going to be all the rage, so I made lots of tassel necklaces.

They didn’t sell.

Now, I am seeing tassels in the craft stores and on mannequins in the mall.

One of the 2016-17 trends is supposed to be “duster” earrings that hang down to the shoulder.

If I make some of these, will I be a year ahead of the trend like I was last year?

I love the tutorial for the autumn ombre earrings, and they are long enough to be called “dusters.”

I am looking forward to making some. Thanks for all your encouragement and inspiration.

Pamella Bowen

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