First Steps

by Elena Arreni.


I like chain maille but I never used this technique before so I decided it was time to give it a try and this is my very first chain maille necklace.

At the beginning I only made the pendant but then I thought that if used with a regular chain would look “unfinished” and keep on linking a jump ring than another and another…voila, a complete byzantine style necklace!


The rings are anodized milled (I don’t know if it is the right English term, sorry…)aluminum, I used silver and a color half way between pink and lilac because in my opinion they look good together, while the pendant is a round pink agate.

I asked friends and they said it’s a pretty necklace but maybe they’re a little on my side…I’d like to know what others think about my first attempt; is it nice? Would it be attractive if I display it on my booth? Is it well proportioned? Every suggestion and comment, positive or not, will be greatly appreciated! Hope to hear you soon!


As I’m a visual learner I’m looking for chain maille tutorials with pictures but all I found so far are tutorials made by someone who verbally explains “connect a ring with another one than with the other one than join with this and that and blah blah blah….”after two minutes I get lost; all I need is a scheme, could you suggest some? Thanks a lot.

Elena Arreni


by: Leigh

Love the colors and chain on this necklace. It is wonderful.

by: Freia

Very nice!

I just learned this pattern too. I’ve been using this site… for tutorials lately. I find it very helpful. 🙂

Great Job!
by: Donna – Candlelight Jewels

The colors are very pretty. I have not tried working with chain maille yet but your work gives me the inspiration to try it soon

Off to a great start
by: Rena

Elena, this is awesome – I can’t believe it’s your first chain maille piece!

Very nicely done, and I love the effect of the interesting rings you chose.

Free Chainmaille Tutorials
by: Wendy

Hello Elena,

You can find great chainmaille tutorials for free here: (click “For Our Students on left sidebar) is a great community of maillers, who will gladly answer any questions you have about chainmaille on their forums. They have an extensive library of weaves photographed, some with tutorials.

A friend of mine has used video tutorials from youtube as well…I prefer static diagrams, but you might want to give them a try.



Very nice job
by: almac

I’ve been doing chainmail for quite some time (mostly in sterling) but I’ve never run across the type of rings you used. They add a touch more textural interest than the plain rings I’m used to.
A very nice job indeed. I hope to see more of your work.

First Steps
by: Dorothy

For your first time you did a wonderful job, especially with color combations and texture. Great job and I would like to see more!

Thank you!!
by: Elena

First of all I want to thank you all for commenting my post, it means a lot to me and thank to your support I’m creating new chain maille pieces.

@Donna, I’m really happy that my post gave you inspiration to try chain maille, I hope to see your creations soon!

@ Wendy and Freia(love your name!): the websites you gave me are exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!

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