First Jewelry Line

by Nafisa.

Please tell me how can I start my Brand in Jewelry?

Its not just making Jewelry pieces and selling it in stores. I feel its much more than that.

I am making Custom Jewelry for 5 Years. People love my work.

But now I want to start making ready pieces and take the business to the next level.

I need a mentor. Please advise.

Ekkawon Gems and Jewelry on Tumblr

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  • You jewelry is beautiful! My comments would be to choose your favorite of the custom pieces you have made, and make more like them. I looked at your website. It would benefit from better pictures…better lighting, well centered, and using the same background for all pictures. Also, add titles and interesting descriptions. Good luck!

  • Lisa W. says:

    One thing you might do next is to decide how you want to market and sell your jewelry. Will you sell retail (directly to customers)? If so, will you do this at craft shows, or on the internet, at home jewelry parties, or with some other method? Or will you prefer wholesale (selling to other sellers), and market your work to shops, galleries, gift stores, etc? Will you work mostly with one-of-a-kind items, or will you make multiples of each design? Wholesale sales will work much better with multiples, so that shops can order a design and know what to expect. Once you have chosen, use the internet to research those possibilities in your area. To reach beyond your area, maybe your next step will be to choose an online venue and start to make your jewelry available online. Websites like and are retail, and is wholesale only. Excellent photography is part of any online sales strategy, so you may want to begin to improve your photography skills, or have someone take excellent photos for you. Your jewelry looks wonderful, good luck with your business!

  • Hasan Shah says:

    Hey Nafisa,
    I think your jewels are really beautiful here. What I would suggest you should try to do (as has already been suggested in some of the previous posts) is to set up your own shop with an online marketplace (like Etsy) or maybe you could focus on fully exploiting the various social media networks to reach out to customers at a global scale. The key would be excellent photography and sharing your inspirations behind every design with your customers. I think it is a good idea to tell the story behind each product and also a little bit about yourself so as to offer your customers a personalized and meaningful shopping experience. All the best for your work.
    Hasan (Alinnea Jewelry)

  • Sahra says:

    Did anyone here tried to make jewelry out of sea shells and do you have any tips or machines to use? please help i am in Africa and trying to empower rural women to make jewelry using sea shells and corral.

  • Lynned says:

    Go to YouTube and type in “seashell jewelry”. Think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!


  • Rita says:

    Hi Nafisa, your jewelry is very beautiful. I don’t sell mine so can’t help there, but I’d be surprised if all your pieces weren’t snapped up as quick as you make them.

    Hi Sahra, my favorite go to place for seashell jewelry ideas is Pinterest. I have a number of great ideas inspired after each visit, and not just for jewelry. YouTube also has great videos. Happy creating and community empowering. It’s great what you’re doing.

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