First Craft Fair: Lots of Questions

by Julie.

Hello everyone!

So, I’m 17 years old. Here’s a background story (short):
I used to be a pretty angry person, so I used crafts – mainly jewelry & knitting/crochet/sewing crafts – to vent my emotions in a more positive way.

I stopped doing it for a while, and my anger started to get out of control again, so I picked the hobby back up. In order to keep more of a motivation, rather than just filling my box with jewelry, I decided to post an ad on craigslist where I could potentially sell what I have, and take custom orders.

Then I received an email from a lady who’s going to be hosting a local Market Event, and she requested that I rent a table and bring my product to her event in order to increase my potential sales market. I OBVIOUSLY accepted this wonderful offer.

But now! I’m ALMOST starting to stress already – I have next to nothing in terms of inventory, since I dropped the hobby, I gave away all that I had made, and only kept my supplies to make the jewelry. Now I need to rebuild an inventory – and well, basically start from scratch.

I’m wondering if any of you have tips or bits of information that you wish you would have known when you went to your first craft sale? What are some good, inexpensive ways to advertise your product? I’m not sure that I’m ready for a business card, as I lack in funds, and I’m not necessarily a business to even begin with – so I’m wondering if I should just have a piece of paper where people can sign their names/email addresses, and I can email them from time to time with updates, if I go to another fair, or if I make new products, maybe I can just sell them outside of fairs, too?

Also, what are good ways to safely store jewelry prior to the event? And some quick/inexpensive routes for set up? (I’ve heard a lot of draining 2-hour set up stories on here, and some great alternatives, but I’m wondering if you can be a little more specific?)

Another question! – Approximately how much of each item (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) should I make in order to ensure my table doesn’t look empty, nor cluttered? Maybe I should do a pretend set up at my house just to see what it looks like?

I don’t currently have any pictures of my work (as I said, inventory is low :P) but as I make some, I will update with pictures, etc.

OH! And I was reading on here, an article regarding under-$20 gifts – should I consider this route, just to broaden my potential market?

Any tips that don’t regard the questions I have already asked would also be greatly appreciated! I just am so shocked to have just received this offer that I can’t quite sum up all my questions, just yet. 😛

Thanks so much!
Keep crafting, everyone!


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