Fingerless Jewelry Making Gloves Tutorial

by Noreen Doll.

(Crafty Journal)

Create a pair of fingerless jewelry making gloves from a pair of knee high socks.

Here’s one of a pair I made a year ago and have really worn a lot!

They are quick to make and very inexpensive if you buy your socks at the dollar store.

Be sure to get the adult size socks, as the kids size can be too tight around your arm and fingers.

Before I purchased it, I just pulled the sock up over my arm to see how comfortable it was.

What You Need

1 Pair of Knee High Socks


Sewing Machine (or you can sew them by hand, if you prefer) – NOTE: You can also make this no-sew version of the fingerless gloves.

What You Do

1. Lay the sock out in a straight line.

2. Make your first cut just above the heel.

3. Make your second cut just below the heel.

4. Cut off the toe just where it starts to curve in.

Be sure all these cuts go straight across.

5. Take the piece that is between the heel and toe and fold it in half, as shown, with wrong sides together.

Match up the raw edges.

6. Slide this folded piece down over the raw edge of the upper part of the sock, with right sides together.

Line up all 3 edges and pin in a couple of places to keep the edges evenly together.

7. Stitch a 1/4 inch seam around the entire edge, stretching as you sew.  Use a slightly longer stitch to help give it more stretch.

I stitch around the edge a second time using a zigzag stitch, stretching while I sew. I use the same length stitch for this as I did the first seam.

8. Put the glove on to see where you want to put the thumb hole.

The center of the hole on my glove is about 3 inches down from the edge because I like it to cover my fingers sometimes when my hands are really cold.

Make the hole VERY small because it is going to stretch a lot. You can always make it bigger if you get it too small, but you can’t put any fabric back that you’ve cut off if the opening is too large.

Your fingerless jewelry making glove is finished. Now make the other one the same way.

These gloves are wonderful when the weather is cold and you want to work.

(Also see the easy no-sew version of these gloves, for jewelry artists who don’t sew!)

Sometimes when I’m working, I find the glove is too restrictive around my fingers. I just push the edge down around my palm without removing my thumb, thus freeing up my fingers.

If you need to stop to prepare food or wash your hands, you can just push the fingerless jewelry making gloves up to your wrists out of the way so you don’t have to remove them constantly.

Oh look! Someone found the toe piece I cut off and is wearing it on his head!

Now he’s sharing with a friend. His friend’s ears will stay nice and warm!

Oh no! A jackdaw has made off with one of the hats!

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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