Finding Ourselves in Unexpected New Directions

by Linda Fass.
(Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA)

It’s funny how your jewelry business can take on a life of its own and bring you down a path you never thought about. Little did I know when I started designing and crafting jewelry that I’d be making bracelets for little girls.

My new journey started this summer when I made a custom ankle bracelet for a mom. She wanted her two children’s birthstones represented by Swarovski crystals along with two dangling hearts to represent her love for them.

I could tell when I delivered the ankle bracelet that she loved it, which always makes me feel so good.

I received a call about a week later from this mom saying that her 4-year-old daughter really admired the bracelet and asked if she could have one just like it.

Naturally, the mom said yes and I was given the task of creating a “daughter” ankle bracelet to match the one I had made for the mom. I got to work right away and made my very first little girl’s ankle bracelet.

The word got around about the matching mother-daughter ankle bracelets and things took off from there.

I’m working on a children’s line of bracelets and ankle bracelets and plan to expand to necklaces and earrings in the coming months.

I get so excited now when my 4-year-old son gets invited to a girl’s birthday party because I know exactly what the gift will be.

It’s amazing how much pleasure I get out of creating those adorable tiny bracelets. It warms my heart to see these precious little girls wearing my custom bracelets and parading around like princesses.

Being a mother of two boys, we’re all about cars and trucks, so I don’t usually get to experience that kind of girly stuff. Now I do!!

– Linda Fass
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What a Great Gift Idea
by: Rena

Wonderful, Linda!

I know what you mean about having fun with an opportunity to do things with little girls. My only child is a son, and I have 4 nephews and just 1 niece.

Of course I love all the boys (and the interesting adventures they take us on!), but it’s also a fun and very different experience to do something princessy with little girls when I have the chance!

That’s such a great birthday gift idea – especially since kids get invited to so many parties. I’m sure the moms of the other children are interested in your jewelry too!

Thanks so much for sharing your story! :o)

Liability insurance coverage
by: Anonymous

Hi, I don’t mean to sound like the voice of doom and gloom, but I would be extremely careful before going ahead with this type of venture. You really need to make sure you have a really large liability insurance policy. I’ve been making jewerly for almost 20 years and I refuse to make anything at all (other than birthstone earrings) for a child. Good luck but please be careful, because if one of your tiny customers gets hurt, in this day of plentiful law suits, you could be held responsible and lose your shirt.

Silly Comment
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you have had a really bad experience. There are waivers that parents can sign at POP, and if you say you are doing it for the child’s protection as well as yours, then you are off the hook, literally.

What happened to you?

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