by Terri Wlaschin.
(Rockville, Maryland USA)

Statement Ring

Statement Ring

Making rings is dangerous for me. There’s just so many paths I can go down – dark alleys, through back doors, in loud noisy cabarets.

Fantastic little works of art can be made in half the time it takes to create a necklace in the same vein.

For this ring, I cast all artistic editing aside and kept heaping on the mixed blue quartz ovals; the white, silver, and soft green cultured pearls; and the jonquil and aqua swarovski crystals until Fearless was born.

Terri Wlaschin
Starseed Jewelry at Etsy


Bold and Beautiful
by: Rena

Terri, this ring is spectacular, and I loved hearing how you “cast artistic editing aside”.

Also, your first sentence above is a wonderfully fascinating lead-in to introduce this piece!

Thank you for sharing your words and art with us!

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