Fanred Earrings

by Joybelle Malcolm.
(Atlanta, GA)

by Joybelle Malcolm

FanRed Earrings

I must admit this style of earrings are not mine; however, my twist is creating them with my paper beads and oh my, I love them.

Hmmm…is there a pattern? No, I just crocheted and the hilarious part of it is I couldn’t remember the number of stitches used in order to make the matching pair. Oh my, indeed! 🙂 I also made the ear hooks.

Joybelle Malcolm
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  • Joybelle, I know exactly what you mean about racing ahead while creating and forgetting to count or write down notes for later use! I do that too. These pretty earrings will add a pop of color and a burst of happiness whenever they are worn! 🙂

  • Joyce Kennedy says:

    Creative & bold. Giving confidence to the wearer.

  • Dianne says:

    Joybelle, you’re not alone! My husband used to ask me all the time when I was designing for my knitted and crocheted hats…”Did you write it down?” I just gave him this blank stare…Ooops.
    Great design and they could be in bold colors and something softer making totally different statements.

  • Tamara Robertson says:

    These are so pretty and unique Joybelle!

  • Thank you all for your kind words! I am truly excited in marrying my hand rolled paper beads with my crocheting skills. This platform is like a fever, hot, hot, creative times! Smile!

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