Fair Fee for Jewelry Business Logo Creation by High School Student?

by Annie.

Fair Fee for Jewelry Business Logo Creation by High School Student?  Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

My daughter’s friend is a recent high school graduate and a wonderful artist.

I’ve asked her for a quick sketch of an idea for a logo I have and liked it and would like to work with her on creating a logo for my business (nothing too fancy but I liked her interpretation of what I was thinking).

She is thinking of doing something in college with her art and I’d like to give her the work to encourage her, but I’m not sure what a fair price would be to pay her for her work.

I don’t think it will take her a lot of time considering she came up with the sketch in a matter of minutes, LOL.

I would only ask her to do the drawing for me, leaving the color scheme for me to work out by myself later.

Any suggestions or resources you can think of?

I’ve tried Googling for information but only come up with pricing for professionals.

I’ve asked a jewelry beaders Facebook group I belong to but no one seems to have any ideas.

I thought maybe a bigger group like this might give me some input. Thanks!


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