Evolution of a Craft Show Booth

by Kathi Ader.

My Craft Show Booth Now (2011)

My craft show booth has evolved over the years.
I began with a small budget so I improvised…and
gradually added and improved over the years. (Notice: I said “years”)

My booth “then”

My advice: adjust what you read in this article to your tastes
and wallet, keep the color palette simple, black and white never
go out of style and don’t distract from your jewelry, don’t try
to do everything at once, buy what you can afford and make
adjustments and improvements as you go along.


Don’t have the money for shelves? Buy a $1 photo box and drape
it with material. Use your creativity and use found objects
to achieve the look you want.

Keep it simple.

Your display should be the backdrop for your jewelry and not a distraction.

I’ve seen a lot of questions regarding craft show booths and
how to get started. This will be installment one from my blog
on the evolution of my booth through the years.

Hopefully it will answer some of the questions beginners have when getting into he craft show business.

Kathi Ader
My Beading Heart blog
My Beading Heart

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