Ethnic Charm

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California USA)

Brass Choker with Charms and Bone Beads

I was going through my wire supplies to see what I had and what I needed. To my surprise I discovered I still had a coil of 12ga red brass wire. I don’t remember ever making anything with it. 12ga brass wire is stiff and if it is textured it is really stiff!

OK. I’ve got the wire now what can I do with it? I remembered one of Rena’s blurbs about making neck rings or wire chokers and since I had never made one I decided this wire might be just the thing for it.

NVaughan: Ethnic Charm 2

My first problem was cutting the wire. I have a pair of lineman’s pliers that I use for cutting heavier wire but they really didn’t want to do the job. I love a challenge! Eventually I got the wire cut and then realized I didn’t have anything to use for a mandrel.

We all know that necessity is the mother of strange things. The solution to my problem was to form the curve around my leg just above the knee. Sounds weird but it worked.

NVaughan: Ethnic Charm 3

After I got the ring formed I decided it needed a little embellishment.

In the copper and brass scraps my neighbor had given me were some brass discs.

They were already drilled and ready to use. Instant embellishment… almost.

The blanks were plain so I textured them with a chasing hammer. They still were a bit bland so I got out the torch and voila!

The discs were a lot more interesting but not interesting enough to use alone.

Luckily I have a good selection of horn and bone beads that I could combine with the discs.

The carved designs on the beads added an element of interest with out being standing out too much.

Thanks for the inspiration, Rena.

Nancy Vaughan
Wicked Wire Works

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  • Magda says:

    I love this. Using your leg as a way to shape the wire was genius.

  • zoraida says:

    I love the way your necklace turned out – Wow, using your leg as a mandrel, what ingenuity!

  • Lynda says:

    This is a great design to really show off your patina skills with the ethnic beads. Love the “McGyver” in you, too!

  • yolanda says:

    Love this!!!

  • Nancy, I just love this! Every part of it works together wonderfully. I’m always so interested to see how you pull items out of your stash and turn them into really striking jewelry. (Also I’m impressed with the resourcefulness of your leg mandrel. LOL!)

  • Joy Jones says:

    I love this piece and I have new respect for my thigh now!

  • coraNation says:

    This looks like something you’d see in an art gallery. I love the result and your ingenuity.

  • Ann Nolen says:

    This turned out great, and just wanted to compliment you on doing something your way and having it turn out amazing. I think that is a big part of what makes all of us loving to make jewelry! I love your story and agree your thigh was the best bit.

  • Timmi Dillard says:

    This is wonderful…love the simplicity of it all. Gonna have to try this for my grand daughters.

  • Tasha B. says:

    Simple. Beautiful.

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