Embossed Copper Pendant

by Susan Mast.

Black Horse Studios - Copper Impressions

Black Horse Studios – Copper Impressions

This is my first experimental piece with my new rolling mill. I think I’m going to love this tool.

This is 18 gauge copper cut and milled down to 22 gauge. Then I embossed a wire pattern into it by rolling it through the mill.

I then hammered both sides with a ‘borrowed from the garage’ ball peen hammer. I finished it off with dangles and patina in liver of sulfur.

Susan Mast
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  • What great texture fun, Susan! It looks like you will enjoy putting your new rolling mill through its paces. 🙂 Hope to see more of the artistry you create with it!

  • That’s a great piece, I love hammered copper with layered textures.
    I’ve been looking at rolling mills lately, what type are you using? Are the models at the $200.00 price range any good?
    Thanks for your post,
    Rebecca Brooks

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