Elizabeth, the Executive, and the Cable Guy: A Jewelry Business Success Story

Magical labradorite pendant necklace by Elizabeth of Stones in Harmony  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Magical labradorite pendant necklace by Elizabeth of Stones in Harmony

Elizabeth of Stones in Harmony wrote to tell me about a jewelry business success day she had:

First, she did a jewelry trunk show at a financial services office, where she made some great sales from just five customers.

While she was there, the necklace Elizabeth was wearing caught the eye of a top-level financial planner.

This executive fell in love with the necklace – and not only insisted on ordering it, but also wants to shop directly from Elizabeth’s home jewelry boutique / studio.

(Since then, this executive has been spreading the word to her friends, who also are now interested in Elizabeth’s jewelry.)

After the trunk show, Elizabeth returned home.

Then the cable guy arrived.

Elizabeth says,

“I mentioned that he’d best buy something for Mamma for Mother’s Day. It is creeping up on us. Would you come into my studio?

“The studio was empty of course. So I pulled my jewelry case from the car. [It was still there from the trunk show.]

Elizabeth's cute cable guy, happy to have purchased lovely Mother's Day gifts so easily!  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Elizabeth’s cute cable guy – happy to have purchased lovely Mother’s Day gifts so easily!

“We sat down on the rug and pored through jewelry options.

“I gave him a really good price (yes, I did make a profit) because this boy had so much love in his heart for his mother and girlfriend that I just felt so gifted to be able to give him something so personalized and special, not to mention with gift boxes.”

So this photo shows one of Elizabeth’s very happy customers – the cable guy who now has his Mother’s Day gifts completely taken care of, well in advance, including lovely gift boxes.

And on another occasion, Elizabeth helped her washing machine repairman take care of his Christmas shopping with her jewelry gifts.

Elizabeth very kindly gives me credit, saying she learned her success techniques from my Easy Ways to Sell Your Jewelry Every Day book.

But obviously her jewelry is a big part of the magic, and so is her manner of putting customers at ease and solving their gift-giving problems.

Lessons from Elizabeth’s example

Elizabeth’s jewelry business success story illustrates a couple of ways to recession-proof your jewelry business:

1) Take your jewelry for private showings to people who can afford to buy it (the financial services office trunk show).

2) Connect directly with people who have gift-giving needs to take care of (the cable guy).

The next day, Elizabeth sent a dozen roses to the woman who had invited her to do the trunk show.

She says, “developing friendships is much more meaningful to me than sales.”

Congratulations, Elizabeth – for putting yourself out there and doing it, and for all the wonderful things that came from it! Thanks so much for sharing your success story.

Older Comments:

Charlene Anderson says:

I LOVE this story. And the cable guy looks so happy. He is going to be a hero. Way to go! Char

Elizabeth says:


Thanks so much for your comment. This cable boy was so sweet and yes – he was so very happy. I made hardly a profit at all. I forgot to tell Rena about the man who installed the blinds in my jewelry studio: He is in love – and as I was making a new design, he told me his whole life story. Then he flew off to meet the love he had been writing back and forth to for 6 months.

He came back to finish the installation and ordered another set for his mother – said his new soul mate was smitten. He quoted me: “you really did not think I came down here empty handed, did you?” I made an emerald and pearl necklace with earrings to match for her birthstone.

When he came back to finish the installation, he also asked, “what do I do now?” I pulled out the already made earrings to match as he was not looking. I replied, “do about what?” “Well, she is coming to meet my mother in two weeks he replied.” I said, “Gregory – did you think that I had not already thought about that?” When I opened the gift box with the BEST materials for matching earrings he looked like a little boy in wonder at the circus. I was in belly laughter!

Yes, the cable guy was such a happy sweetie. Thanks so much for your feedback. You made my day.


Charlene Anderson says:

Elizabeth…you may not have made a lot of money with your kindness but you made millions in what really counts. I love your attitude. I showed my husband the pic of the cable guy and he said “he sure looks happy.” Isn’t that the best we can do in life? You made many people happy with what you did and I bet you’ll get the best cable service in town, and should you need more window treatments installed, the guy will be there in a flash! Char

Carolina Gonzalez says:

This happened to me not long ago with the guy who brings the supplies to the tea bar where I do my Tarot Readings. I was showing the latest jewelry pieces I had made to a friend and, as he had seen me there before, came and directly asked if they were for sale. I got a “small profit sale” but a customer forever!
I would like to congratulate Elizabeth for her marketing instinct and her understanding of people – yes, making that kind of connections is so much better than any money you can make making jewelry!

Dawn Ferguson says

Elizabeth -this reminded me so much of me and my designs and how i like to help people find meaningful gifts out of my own creations. I don’t always make a big profit when I do these things either, but it makes me feel good about doing it! It is so great to hear about a true artist who shares these feelings.


Dee says:

What an awesome story, you inspire me to do more of impromptu selling that I’ve slacked on. I think I miss so many opportunities, especially at work, but in my position I’m always trying to avoid “doing the wrong thing”. I have plenty of fedex, ups, and other service people I need to start focusing on, and will definitely make it my weekly goal to tell my business to so many people. Thanks for this story Rena and thank you Elizabeth for your inspiration.

Felicia says:

What a great story and a great idea! Now I’m wishing I had pulled out my jewelry when my super nice cable guy showed up a few months back! I am big on making someone happy even if it means small or no profit for me. I am always being asked by my neighbor to fix this or that piece of old jewelry and every time she comes over she wants a new piece of mine. She has four children and her and her hubby both work full time to make ends meet so I often give her jewelry or give her an amazing deal because I know she can’t afford it (she also watches my daughter for me in a pinch) She works in retail and is a great marketing tool for me as people are always asking where she got her jewelry and she happily hands them one of my cards! Being a good business woman is all about how happy your customers are! No money can compare to the feeling you get when you put one of those huge smiles on someones face!

Sandra Cortez says:

You done it from your Heart so the good lord Blessed you with people that you touch from your Heart. In return the lord will Bless you with many prosperity cause your doing it with kindness. Keep on serving Him with all your Heart and see your Blessing. From a Christian too another. Love & Soft Hugs!!! From a Fibromyalgia woman that you make her feel that she is here for a purpose in life just reading your posts here and on Facebook. Thank You! from the bottom of my Heart.

Dabanga says:

What an inspiring article! : ) I’ve thought of this many times including having an open studio, and you’ve put my fears to rest.
My one question is how do you transport/display pieces for those “opportunistic occasions” that come up , since I understand that you take your pcs. around with you in the car?

Kathleen says:

Also this wonderful site for people like myself with physical disabilities!

Congratulations, that is a great story!

Linda B says:

I have a question about a trunk show – do you do them at retail shops and give them a “huge” discount (like 40-50% off)?

Karine says:

Wow Elizabeth I loved this story! You really know how to put your customers first and make them feel special. Rena you said to take our jewelry for private showings but how do you approach companies with that? Thanks

Rups says:

Very heart touching story. Congratulations. Wish you all the best.

Elizabeth Wald says:

Wow, ladies! I’m so surprised to see these lovely remarks and want to thank ALL of you! I don’t know how I was never subscribed to this story and apologize for not having acknowledged your beautiful words which inspire me. I subscribe to all of Rena’s (aka “Renameister” in my household) blogs.

Funny thing is, it never stopped there. The cable guy was only the beginning and then it moved on to showing my handcrafted jewelry to our plumber, our electrician, our repairmen, our dog walker, our blind installer, and it goes on.

In fact, just today I had the honor of being serviced by an excellent customer service rep at Verizon wireless, Claudene Nesbary who after work, took a look at my website and ended up purchasing a gorgeous piece. It doesn’t stop here either. She has also become a friend. We hit it off right from the beginning. 🙂 Opportunities knock at our front door and if not, online, on the phone, at the grocery store or even in a ladies room!

Sending my best wishes for the holiday and thanks to people like you, Rena, words of inspiration get spread from one jewelry artist to the next.

With love,


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