Elegant Onyx with Crystals and Coral

by Julie Evans.
(United Kingdom)

This Black Onyx necklace is the latest addition to my collection.The focal point for the design is a long pendant that I have made from Black Onyx beads and in the centre of these I set a round semi-precious Coral bead and I framed this with black crystal beads.

JEvans Elegant Onyx with Crystal and Coral
This pendants hangs from a silver bail and it then sits in the centre of a necklace that has been made with the same combination of beads and crystals.
I added the crystals to this unique design to add a little bit of sparkle to the piece and I added the semi-precious Coral beads as a splash of colour and these Coral beads with there natural rich orange/red colour look beautiful set against the black of the Onyx beads and crystals.

Julie Evans
Jade Jewellery UK
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