Electronic Picture Frame with Jewelry Photos

by Jeff Tullock.
(Wrap It Up Jewelry)

Jewelry Slide Show in Electronic Picture Frame

I have been doing craft shows for several years now and I am always looking for ways to make my booth stand out to potential customers.

I recently came a cross a gadget that has proved to be very helpful in getting and keeping the attention of people passing by my booth.

On a regular basis I take photos of my jewelry, enlarge them, and display these photos in my booth. I think the large photos attract the attention of many people who would normally just pass by and not give my stuff a second glance.

The problem I had was that in my normal set up I was only able to exhibit 4 or 5 pictures. That is until now.

I was at the center of the universe (Wal-Mart) looking at the digital cameras when I came across an electronic picture frame.

This frame holds many digital pictures and these pictures change constantly like a slide show. The frames are very small about 10″ but hold about 200 pictures.

I now display 2 of these frames in my booth and it is amazing how these moving pictures get and hold the attention of people strolling by. Many times I have seen these moving pictures catch someone’s eye as they are passing by, and many times I have made a sale as a direct result.

These frames come in several sizes and prices, the 2 I have were about $55 each but are well worth it. I highly recommend you give electronic picture frames a good hard look, I think you will like the results.

Jeff and Mary Tullock
Wrap It Up Jewelry


I didn’t even know these existed!
by: Rena

Jeff and Mary, what a great way to show a “photo album” of your work in your booth. These are probably so much easier to transport to shows than your large printed jewelry photos, and people are always attracted to any type of video screen.

This is the first time I’ve heard of electronic picture frames – and I can’t imagine a better use for them!

Thanks so much for this fantastic display idea.

Computer slide show
by: Bev Carlson

I’ve used something similar to the electronic picture frames. My laptop comuter. I have a program (there are lots) that has a slide show. I have one file on my computer of all my current jewlery and just start it when I set up my table. (You need to remember to shut off your screen saver.) What I’ve noticed is that men stop and look at the pictures on the computer. They seem fascinated with it. While they look at the computer, their wives have time to look at my jewelry. (Many times wives seem to feel they need to move on when they are with their husbands) The slide show has items not on my table or items that have been sold. Just opens a lot of opportunities.
I have it up at eye level on some plastic three drawer boxes that I use to bring my inventory. Covered with a nice cloth, it is part of my display.
My laptop also has a lot of my jewelry business information on it which has been helpful. For example, when a price tag is missing or fallen off I can find the correct price with out guessing. www.bevsjewelry.com.

Bev Carlson

Great idea!
by: Leslie

What a great idea!

Fantastic Idea!
by: Judy

What a terrific idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

by: Ralph from Sweden

Best I have seen for long time.
That I shoud have here in Sweden when I travel around.
And what a good new biz It could be to sell this frames.
Ralph From Sweden.

I added a digitial Frame, too!
by: Christina

Definetly worth the investment, considering I do a lot of one of kind pieces, it’s a way that I can showcase my work by having the digital frame!

GREAT idea, but . . .
by: Rebecca

Are there any battery-operated digital picture frames?? The vast majority of my shows are outdoors without electricity. All I’ve seen are pic frames with AC adapters. Any suggestions?? Otherwise it’s a fantastic idea!

Ingenious Idea
by: Wakeeta-Dangles of Atlanta

As much as I take photographs, never in a million years would I have thought of using this as a display on my table! It’s also a great way of showing pieces that may have sold earlier. Thanks so much for sharing.

Go a steep
by: Bizzniz.nu

Wy not use a DVD player to show.
For exampel how you do your thing.

Using electronic picture frames outdoors
by: Anonymous

I’ve been told that it is very hard to find one that shows the photos clearly in an outdoor setting. They said you have to buy a more expensive “400” model. Anybody have any experience with these outdoors? Thanks.

by: Heidi

Hi, sitting at my computer Sunday morning, I told my boyfriend, look! our idea is ‘out there’. We, too, thought to use this picture venue at craft fairs, and people loved it! What a great idea some said, others just looked and nodded their heads. My boyfriend comes to fairs with me and he brings the battery and hooks it all up. Awesome idea to use!

by: Christine Haynes, Fezelry Jewelry Designs

I’m running out now to get one or maybe even two of these awesome treasures! I often display framed pictures of my pieces and press clippings at home and trunk shows and sometimes these frames just get in the way.. ahh not anymore! Totally awesome idea! Thank you!
Christine Haynes
Fezelry Jewelry Designs

Models with batteries?
by: Anonymous

I do lots of outdoor shows also where electricity isn’t guaranteed. Are there any that run on batteries? Also, it is hard to see the photos when there’s bright sunlight so I’m told you have to have a very high resolution frame. Anybody have any ideas on this? Thanks.

When no electricity is available
by: Debra

No electricity?? NO Problem!
As a jewelry artist and an avid RVer I learned to use electrical vises from a marine deep cycle battery. I have one on my camper that I use for cell phone charging, blender, anything that does not require alot of Wattage such as a hair dryer.

FIrst you need a Deep Cycle Marine Battery and a power DC/AC converter. I got mine at an electronic store or Radio shack. It looks like box with electrical outlets with a cigarette lighter plug.
If your converter has clamps too you can clamp them right to the terminals. Mine does not so…..
1. I had to buy a DC receiver (like the one in your car for the lighter) with clamps to clamp to the battery
2. Then plug the converter into the DC receiver
3. Then plug the electric appliance to the converter

And you have electricity! For hours if you don’t bake bread! I put mine on a little roller cart and keep it under the table. Batteries are heavy. It powers LED lights, music, etc….
Some auto part stores have portable battery power sources to start your car, inflate tires, gauge air pressure and convert power to AC.
A word to the wise! Batteries don’t die… they’re murdered. They need proper attention… like your gas tank! Or you won’t have a long life battery!

Booth Battery Tip
by: Rena

Debra – thanks for the great idea for a battery to power not only the electronic picture frame, but also everything else in a jewelry booth!

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