Eight Year Old Boys Birthday Jewellery Party

by Linda Correll.
(Sydney, Australia)

Hello, My name is Linda and I live in Sydney Australia. I have been making jewellery for just over a year now. I have been trying to figure out which way would be the best way for me to sell my jewellery.

My grandson will be turning eight next month and he is having a birthday party with eight of his friends, so I thought maybe I could do a” kids jewellery making party” for him!

Trouble is I have no idea what would be suitable for kids of this age group to make! any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. I thought about a square knot macrame beaded bracelet, but I am not sure if this would be too difficult for them?

Thank you for any help.

Linda Correll
L C Jewellery Dezines

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  • Cheryl Vawter says:

    For Memorial Day we (my husband & I) went to his parents home for the holiday and I took my jewelry making supplies since my sister In-law and her family would be there thinking we could make some great jewelry. But the girls didn’t get into the it, instead my nephew (9 yrs) was interested in making something so I a few key chains I had made. After showing how to make one he made 5 key chains and each was different and more creative than the next; He love making them and giving them.

  • Noreen says:

    If you are having several boys, you might want to keep your project as simple as possible as a group may not have a long attention span. One idea for them could be to pre-cut slices from a tree branch that is 1 inch or so in diameter. Pre-drill the holes for hanging from a cord necklace, and let the boys create artwork on them before attaching a jump ring and the cord. It sounds like a fun idea!

  • Deborah Leon says:

    Attention span is a big deal at this age…I would look for dinosaurs, bugs, cars, primitve wood beads to thread on leather that can be tied onto a lanyard clip to hang from their backpacks, belt loops, sweatshirt zippers…like that. Mini flashlights are a hit with boys too. Good luck and have fun.

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon

  • Lisa says:

    Probably the easiest would be a leather necklace with a “guy” styled pendant. I would get wood and metal beads with large enough holes. They can string a few beads onto the necklace on either side of the pendant they pick out. Guy style pendants would be: geckos, paw print, wolf, snake, dragon, etc. Of course you would probably have to finish off the ends yourself.

  • Debbie says:

    An easy and fun project for boys (and girls love this too) is making shark tooth necklaces. I purchase my shark teeth already wired, but you can wire your own as well. We string them on 1mm waxed black cotton cord with natural beads (with large holes) made from seeds and wood, and inexpensive metal coated acrylic beads (again with large holes). Finish with using a slide knot on each end so you don’t need a clasp and the kids can adjust the length of the necklace.

  • Well I never. Such splendid ideas for boys. Key rings, just great. Greetings from the Blue Mountains NSW Linda. Lovely to see I am watching a beady friend in Sydney Cheers Jennifer

  • Carol Wilson says:

    A collection of crow beads or pony beads and some leather. Beads could be metal, wood or glass. For a necklace using just a few beads or to make a pattern, string on 3 – 5 beads and tie an overhand knot. Leave about 3/4 ” space and tie another knot and string on another 3 – 5 beads. Repeat until you have what you want.

  • pauline says:

    My only experience with young boys and jewelery is on Scout camps! Surprisingly, the boys between 8 and 10 are quite into it. They seem to want to make something for their Mothers! I’ve done a few of these camps and jewelery workshops and the winning combination is memory wire bracelets and big enough beads and holes so that they can make something quickly. Two and a half loops of memory wire – and all you need to do is bend the ends into a loop to hold everything in place. I do love the key ring idea, very practical.

    What ever you do, avoid having to use fine clasps and crimping! Been there, done that and I wanted to scream and the never ending ‘finishing’ I had to do!

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