Easy Breezy

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California USA)


Several years ago I saw a demonstration of this technique. I really liked what I saw. I had the memory wire in several sizes but didn’t have any rubber tubing on hand so I didn’t immediately try it out.

Skip forward 4 or 5 years… One day when I went to the local bead store to get some copper wire the owner showed me some brown rubber tubing she had just unearth in the store room. “What can you do with it?” she asked.


I remembered the demonstration I had seen many years ago and told her I’d take three feet of it and get back to her after I tried it out.

A few days earlier I had received an order of Czech fire polished glass beads. There was one color combination in particular that had really caught my eye. It was cantaloupe and fuchsia. Perfect for brown rubber tubing.


As soon as I got home I went to work. Major Success! It was gorgeous. The next day I went back to the bead store and bought the rest of the tubing and asked the owner if she could get some in black. She got it so I bought it, took it home, got out a whole rainbow of beads and had a great time.


The first time I took some of these bracelets to a street fair they were a big hit. They are quick and easy to make and can be sold at a very reasonable price. Endless possibilities.

Nancy Vaughan


These look fun
by: Anonymous

Fun and colorful. Choosing which color combo is my favorite is not so easy. Thanks for sharing these.

Rubber Tubing Bracelets
by: Rena

These are really cool, Nancy! The rubber tubing makes a wonderful spacer, allowing small groups of beads to make a big visual impact. Love the brown tubing – I’m inspired now to find some in that color and see what I can create with it! Thanks so much for posting these here!

very good idea!
by: dea-line

It’s such a good idea, very rewarding, the possibilities are endless! I love the colors of your bracelets.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Very Cool
by: Barbara

You’re right- the cantelope & fushia with the brown tubing really pops.
Can you please let us in on where to get the tubing?

memory wire?
by: Anonymous

Are these bracelets done on memory wire?

Very Cool
by: Barbara

You’re right -the cantaloupe & fushia really pop. Would you be willing to tell us where to get the tubing?

Jewelry Tube
by: Nancy Vaughan

Thanks for all of the nice compliments everyone. I hope each of you will give this technique a try.

I got the brown tubing at my local bead store. The new tubing she stocked is available in both brown and black. I still have the hang tag/packing that came with the tube. It is called Jewelry Tube and is from Bead Smith. I did see some precut multicolor tubing on the Fire Mountain web site but the lengths were not very long and there were no single colored packs available.

Very Nice
by: Fran

I have some rubber tubing looking for some ideas. I’ve made a choker for my brother using leather end tips, but never thought of using memory wire, another item just sitting in a drawer.

I admire your strength and artistry with the wire ends. I have a hard time making the ends look nice. The ball ends never stay glued, so the best way really is just to leave a nice loop. Key word: nice.

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  • Leslie Schmidt says:

    These are wonderful. I’m always looking for fun ways to use memory wire. A customer came into the local store where I am teaching jewelry making classes and she uses one band of wire with tubing on both sides and beads in the middle. I was SO intrigued by this. She says they are very comfortable to wear and easy to wear when resting your arms on a desk all day. I immediately went to the children’s section where the pony bead kits are and bought several colors (pink, purple, silver, blue, black, etc.) of the tubing. I tried a bracelet but the memory wire was “large” and it didn’t work well, so need to try it with the smaller size bracelet wire. I also bought the new tool by Beadalon for making the end wraps (it has a small size and a medium size wrapping prongs) and it works better than round-nose pliers ~ worth the cost of the tool.

  • Cookie Lewis says:

    I have been looking for the rubber tubing at all my local craft shops…no one
    carries it. Can you tell me where I can purchase it.

  • Hi Cookie, many jewelry suppliers carry rubber tubing. Often it’s in their section devoted to beading wire, cords, etc. 🙂

  • Martha Warren says:

    Thank you Rita for more good ideas. My grandkids, girls and boys, love memory wire and many Sunday’s ask for the beads!! I have a shoe box full for them to use. Even 3 year olds with Grandma sitting there can create a bracelet for someone, including himself!!

    What kind of glue does one use on the end caps? I always bend the ends but would like to experiment myself with these ideas!!

    I appreciate your creativity. I show your newsletter to my 13 and 9 year olds and they use them for ideas or as is. The 7,6, 4 yr old bloys, just like stringing on the wire!! Wild designs sometimes!!? Thanks again.

  • Cathy says:


  • Cathy, do a google search for “rubber tubing for jewelry”. You can also do the same search on etsy.com to find vendors who sell it. Have fun making jewelry with this technique! 🙂

  • Leslie Schmidt says:

    I found mine in the children’s craft section at local craft store in different colors. Some were separate colors (black, whitish, pink, purple sparkle, blue sparkle) for other crafts; some were in kits with pony beads to string them.

  • Rebecca Miller says:

    I like the idea but where does the tubing go does it go at the ends? do you have to put it on together I’ll have to find an memory wire class try or an craft store? I want to do this so cool.Michaels

  • Hi Rebecca, you can cut pieces of the rubber tubing in any lengths you like, and string them on the wire like beads. You can cut short pieces of tubing to be like spacer beads between other beads on the wire. Or you can cut longer lengths of tubing to cover as much of the wire as you like.

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