Earring Display from Drying Rack and a Lace Scarf. . . Wind Resistant!

by Amanda Craig.
(Temecula, CA)

Earring display has plenty of space for earring cards to hang, and lets the wind blow through

I have a small, outdoor, retail cart in the Old Town area of Temecula, California. It gets quite windy here sometimes so I needed a pretty display that wasn’t prone to tipping in the wind.

I used an old, foldable, white clothes drying rack and covered it with a vintage, crocheted scarf.

Then, I used clips that I found at JoAnn’s to attach my earring cards to the rack. The clips have a hook on one end and a badge-holder type clip on the other.

Since the display lets air flow through nothing gets knocked over when the wind blows. Happy day!

Amanda Craig


Drying Rack Earring Display
by: Rena

What a great idea, Amanda! When I saw your photo I went, “OMG, I have that drying rack too!” It’s a nice foldable, packable display idea.

The lacy scarf is a beautiful touch to dress it up. Your black jewelry cards look very classy contrasted against it.

Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic windproof jewelry display with us!

Me Too
by: SterlingCrystal

Me too, Rena! And the racks are spaced just nicely to fit the earrings. What a great idea.


Great idea! Brought to mind…
by: Pam

Love it! It made me wonder if I could fold my cookie-cooling racks in some way to get the same benefit. Hmmm – might check that out too!

Same Here!
by: Paula Reynolds

I use the rack (shelf) from my microwave! Somebody just gave me a tall CD rack, so I’m going to try that!

Awesome idea
by: Sue

Thank you for the great idea, I have been looking for a way to present my earrings next month at Church and again outside in September. I think this is the perfect way to display them. I am also making my own display cards without the back plastic hangers and so either the small clothes pins or paper clips would work out great to for hanging.


plastic adapters
by: marlene

The rack is fantastic! Rio Grande has plastic tabs with adhesive on the back. All you do is take off the adhesive strip and press it on the back of your card and you have a hanger that will fit a lot of wire racks. The item # is 40553837. I believe they are sold in pkgs of 100 for 4.65. The more you buy the cheaper they are.

Jewelry Cards
by: Sue

Thank you very much for the info. Have you bought anything from this website and if so do you have any clue how long it takes to receive your items?

adhesive backs
by: marlene

Rio Grande is a very reliable company. I haven’t bought anything from them lately, bit in the past when I did, the order was shipped in a timely manner.

adhesive backs
by: Sue

I will have to order some of the cards next month. I need them before next Friday night.

Thank you

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