E-mail Newsletter for Jewelry Customers – What Should I Say?

by Brie.

E-mail Newsletter for My Jewelry Customers - What Should I Say? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I make and sell handmade jewelry.

Recently, I’ve really been considering doing an e-mail list or newsletter for my buyers.

My question is, though, what do I say?

I don’t want to seem pushy, or flood their inbox with nothing but: “buy this, buy that”; I want to be personable.

I’ve thought about topics, like sharing my new supplies; unique beads I plan to make something with; even sneak peaks on new items I’m working on.

But… what if they don’t care about any of that stuff I want to write about?

I don’t want to just send them impersonal coupon emails, or just upcoming sales.

Sure, of course I’ll give them that too, but I want to show them…me…

What should I do?


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