Don’t Be Afraid of Diversity in Your Jewelry!

by Linda Tenney.
(Palm Harbor, FL)

Harvest Wrap Bracelet by Linda Tenney  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

There’s a good amount of guidance out there for budding jewelry designers that advises you should find a niche and specialize in that area. A few popular design niches are hand-stamped/personalized, wire wrapped, and Boho/earthy.

Design niches can be about the style/theme/look (Boho, minimalist, tribal/ethnic, etc.) or the materials used (metal—wire wrapped or chain, cord, Swarovski crystals, pearls, etc.).

While specializing is a perfectly viable route to take—and might even facilitate a thriving business model—I have found in my mere five years of jewelry designing, that specializing just doesn’t work for me!

When I bought my first jewelry-making materials in the summer of 2012, I was all over the place in what I was attracted to and what I created.

Pearl Flower Wrap Bracelet by Linda Tenney  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I did pearls—multi-strand and with brooches—chunky gemstones, delicate Swarovski crystal pendants on chain, all-chain designs, easy wire wrapping, hand stamped “dog tags,” charm bracelets, floral designs, memory wire seed bead bracelets, stretch gemstone bracelets, earrings of all styles, gothic, whimsical, earthy, elegant—you name it, I tried it!

When I wanted to come up with a tagline for my jewelry business and online shop, I surveyed all that I had created up to that point and jotted down all the descriptive words and phrases that came to mind. I was hoping that my well-advised niche would become apparent and then I could focus in on that.

I circled the words that really defined the essence of what I was doing, and what I discovered was that my designs were eye-catching and eclectic. And I embraced that:

“Eclectic Jewelry Designs That Get You Noticed!”

Carnelian-Onyx Bracelet by Linda Tenney  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I still love designing in a wide range of styles and with a diverse selection of materials. In fact, in a single day recently, I created the three very different bracelet designs pictured here: one chunky and earthy; one delicate and feminine; and one chic and sophisticated.

If, like me, you are “all over the place” in what you like to design, and see your creations as a passionate, creative outlet, then I invite you to embrace your eclecticism!

Linda Tenney
Heart of One Creations on Etsy
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