DIY Display Stand for Rosary Beads

by Mary Varilly.
(Dublin, Ireland)

Rosary beads display made from copper piping and shower curtain rings

This rosary display stand is my version of using hardware store supplies to create a fit-for-purpose and good-looking display stand for my rosary beads, based on Beth Millner’s jewelry display racks.

It’s made with half-inch copper piping.

I’ve used clear shower curtain rings to hang the beads on.

This display graced my stand for five days at the National Crafts Fair, our premier Christmas Craft Fair.

At a further craft fair outing, we had the stones backlit by a concealed lamp, they looked great.

At another event the official photographer took an interesting shot of some of my rosaries:

I am so pleased to have been able to translate that idea so well into reality.

Mary Varilly
True Colours Rosary Beads
True Colours blog


by: Rena

Your display turned out lovely, Mary. It provides a nice framework for your rosary beads without overpowering them.

I’m sure the beads just sparkled when back-lit.

I love your shower curtain ring innovation for it!

Thank you so much for sharing your rosary display.

by: Jean

I like the display but have a question- how did you keep those shower rings to stay put on the piping?
I imagine them sliding down the sides.

Your display
by: Angie S

Looks great! This has me thinking about redoing some of mine!
Rings staying put
by: Mary V.

The shower curtain rings are held in place by the weight of the beads hanging from them and I keep them in a little from the curve. They will only slide around the bend when the stand is being dismantled. Each ring can open to release the individual rosary when people want a closer look, so there is minimum disruption to the display. When dismantling the display stand between shows, I lay the top pipe on its side and slide the rings off one by one, then put each rosary, with its ring attached, in its own ziplock bag, so that rehanging can happen speedily.

Just added a second photo
by: Rena

Mary just sent me a second photo, which I’ve just posted above, which was taken by the official photographer at one of her events.

Beautiful shot, Mary – and kudos for all the attention your display and your work are getting! :o)

by: Kathi

I love it! If I could make one suggestion, it would be to paint it black or white to fit in with the rest of your display.

My Beading Heart

I vote for black
by: GrĂ¡inne

I think Kathy’s suggestion to paint it black or white is a good one. I vote for black as I think it would be more striking against the white background and bring the eye to the rosary beads on display.

Copper, black or white
by: Mary V.

Personally I love the copper colour, it is very subtle with all the wire rosaries, I’d feel it was sacrilege to cover that softly glowing metal with paint! (I am Libran, ruled by Venus, whose metal is copper for harmonising energies…!) I’ve cleaned it up and then polished it with Renaissance wax to keep it from tarnishing.

I do see where the black/white suggestion is coming from, though, and thank you for giving me food for thought, If anything I will probably gradually introduce more copper into the display when I can afford to, for earrings etc., and perhaps phase out the black easel stands or cover them with a toning colour. Who knows, I might even come up with a copper earring stand based on plumbers’ piping! If I ever do, I’ll be sure to send Rena a picture…!

Display Stand
by: Linda Fennessey

A brilliant idea Mary. The beads look beautiful displayed in all their full length glory. It’s also perfect for hanging Aura-Soma pendent bottles from so you’ve given me an idea.


Aura-Soma Pendants
by: Mary V.

Indeed, Linda, how right you are! I must try that out for my next Aura-Soma course, with a smaller version! You did see the link to Beth’s original article with photos of the feet included?

Love it!
by: Rachel

What a fantastic display! I also make rosaries and I have found them to be so difficult to display in a way that is both attractive and uncluttered that they usually end up just staying in my case.

This idea would also work with another difficult to display item that I make – ID badge lanyards! Since I used magnetic safety clasps on these, I could even make the display out of iron or steel and then just stick the magnet directly onto the display. I’m going to have to try this!

Thank you so much for sharing!


by: Mary V.

Thanks, Rachel! A hidden backlight trained on the rosaries makes the colours glow. Beth had used her stand for earrings but I saw the potential for adapting it for really long hanging things, including, as you say, lanyards. My rosaries got a lot more attention than when just sitting in a little pile.

What I really liked about Beth’s idea is that you can customise the size. These are a little short of 30 inches high and about 26 inches wide, but I plan to make a small one for the one-decade rosaries and hang them separately. Iron or steel would work well but be harder to cut and perhaps harder to find. The lanyards with magnets sound ideal for experiment, I’d love you to post the result!

by: Rachel

Yeah after I posted that comment I started thinking that actual iron or steel would probably be too difficult too work with (and too dang heavy). However, since the magnets I use are very strong, I think that building it using wood dowels and applying a couple of coats of one of those “metallic surfacer” paints that they have at Michaels would probably do the trick.

by: Mary V.

I eventually decided to spray-paint the copper with a matte black paint, to fit in with my black glass case frames. However, it tended to chip on dismantling so needed regular retouching after being taken down for transporting home.

More recently I’ve been hanging my rosaries from the tallest Lisbeth Dahl jewellery stand, 66cm high,

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