Distinctive Purple Booth & Gift Packaging

by Donna Jadis.
(Antioch, California)

It’s fairly obvious that I’m another woman with a thing for purple. My booth has changed over the 10 years I’ve been doing shows, but I’m pretty happy with it now.

Front table with $5 earrings

Front table with $5 earrings

It’s busy, but it has to be. When there are no two pieces alike, I feel like I have to have EVERYTHING out for people to see. I used to have the flat velvet “bust” displays, but they kept blowing over. Finally, at one VERY WINDY show, I took them all down and hung the necklaces from the bars of my display racks… I’ve been doing that ever since.

I have four tables – one 6′ and three 4′. All have PVC pipe ‘risers’ to raise them up to about waist high. I got the table cloth for the 6′ table in the darker purple so we could instantly tell which was which when setting up.

Other side of booth with wire racks and earring racks

Other side of booth with wire racks and earring racks

I also have one teal colored cloth to use in the event that I use one of the 4′ tables without the risers, again, instant recognition of what covers what. The banner shown in one photo was about the first thing I designed for my business, and I’m still using it. The font and colors are carried through all my printed materials.

The racks are cool because I can reconfigure them if needed. When I have only a single table, I build one 3 levels high and hang all my bracelets in the top section. I love my rotating wood earring racks because I can load them up, put some packing around them and transport in tubs with very little spillage.

There’s one small Plexiglas rack (you can just see the edge of it in the top left of the earrings photo), that had to have special care because if it sits in direct sunlight, some parts of it start to get soft and wavy, so I often end up moving it around to shade throughout the day.

Packaging options

Packaging options

On the front table in the booth set up are three racks of $5 earrings arranged in color groupings. I cannot tell you how much attention that gets! People will be blowing by and get caught by the lure of earrings for $5/pair. I had one family get so caught up that the mom and 2-3 daughters ended up spending $100 on $5 earrings and came back later for $50 more!

These racks are always full, when someone buys a pair, we pull another pair out of storage and pop them in. In this case, while mostly no two pairs are alike, I can’t show them all at once. Last year I filled my ‘back stock’ on these with a several weeks-long project that resulted in about 600 pairs of $5 earrings. ALL ‘handmade by the artist!”

I mostly use the organza bag for packaging – the jewelry and a business card go into the bag. I transfer earrings from the display rack card onto my earring card (shown with my signature moose earrings) and put THAT in the organza bag. When I use boxes, I pre-label them with my logo and name.

One side of booth with banner

One side of booth with banner

I have receipt pads printed with the logo and note pads, and Word templates for various types of correspondence, too. My email sig uses the logo and has links to Facebook and to join my mailing list.

Not shown are my business cards which have a picture of one piece of jewelry on the front and name/contact info on the back. Every year, when I’m taking new photos for show jury submissions, I select one and make a batch of cards using that photo, then I shuffle all the image cards that I put out so that picking up a card reveals a new photo for the next.

One customer carefully looked at all four designs and selected the one with the jewelry she liked best – to remind her of me and my booth!

Donna Jadis
Artisans at Mooseworks
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