Dissatisfied Jewelry Customer on the Other Side of the World

by Z J.
(SE Asia)

question-mark-tan-on-blue-denimI recently sold a piece of jewelry. The online boutique through which it was sold mis-represented the piece, presenting it (showing pictures of it) as coming with 3 charms as opposed to the 2 very special charms it comes with.

Customer buys it, receives. I send a holiday card, and my message back states her dissatisfaction about the piece itself, plus she claims the charms were lost (fell off of her chord within a few days of wearing it).

Also this online boutique does not have any return/ exchange policy, everything is on my end, yet the customer is not connected to my website to have access to that.

I do not have any way to know if this is true, nor do I have any reason to doubt what my customer is saying. She lives on the other side of the world so returns are not very easy for me, shipping quite expensive, product also quite expensive.

Any recommendations on how a situation like this could be handled?


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