Difficulty with Asymmetry

by Autumn.
(North Carolina, USA)

question-mark-green-on-lavendarI tend to be a very organized person, which shows in my work. This includes having symmetrical designs. Once in a while I can make an asymmetrical piece, but it always feels odd and looks strange to me.

Yet now that I’ve started knotting pearls and gems, I have a very strong design to work with asymmetry, including random colors. I’m sure you’ve seen the dyed pearls which are all random colors and sizes, but still look beautiful.

I want to make those, and have saved pictures of ones I like for inspiration…. But whenever I sit down, I end up designing symmetrical or getting so frustrated with my “ugly” designs I put it all away.

Normally I let the wire/stones speak to me. It words beautiful most times. But symmetry and knotted designs are where I’m inspirationally-deaf.

Any advice? What do you do?

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